Saturday, November 19, 2016


     The 2016 Elections apparently didn't provide enough drama for the drama-queens in the Prozac Nation. Vice-President Elect Pence hoped to take in a Broadway musical only find himself the target of an impromptu celebrity roast. A so-called 'actor', one Brandon Dixon, couldn't resist spouting off a political diatribe aimed at Pence at the end of the show. The arrogance implicit this kind of behavior hardly needs commentary; but it's fairly typical of the Left's crassness.

     Another so-called comedian, Conan O'Brien, is also being criticized for performing a skit depicting Trump supporters being executed with lethal gas. (Yes, the same Hollywood Liberals who are criticizing Attorney-General nominee Jeff Sessions' support for capital punishment). O'Brien draws a $12 million annual salary from TBS and has a net worth of about $75 million and naturally he depicted Trump supporters as lower-working class trailer-trash. Not a typical Clinton Machine Elitist, of course. O'Brien donated $33,400 to the DNC this last election cycle.

     Meanwhile, the self-described Alternative Media, which ostensibly represents the Far Right, also lashed out against both against Conservatism and Christianity. Red Pill Game Cult blogger Vox Day took issue with both American traditions---whom he describes as 'cuckservatives' and 'churchians'. Vox is credited, along with charlatan and Internet troll Mike Cernovich  and disgraced former Osage Indian Chief, John Red Eagle, of coining the 'cuckservative' term in a book titled: Cuckservative: How Conservatives Betrayed America

    Vox attacked author Ben Shapiro today; for essentially exposing the anti-American and anti-Christian character of the Far Right. Specifically, Shapiro's statement that:

     "They want to destroy the Republican Party from within and take it over. They want Constitutionalist Right destroyed. They actually hate the Constitutionalist Right more than they hate the Left. They don't actually hate the Left. They think that the Left is wrong about racism but they don't object to Big Government...rather, they believe that you should have special privileges if you're of European descent. They want what they call 'Christendom' protected from foreign bodies."

       Vox takes exception to this statement and makes the astounding statement that Shapiro is confused about whom the Far Right actually hates. Vox instead argues that he hopes that Constitutionalists will be converted (i.e. by 'taking the Red Pill') and insists that his sect does, in fact, actually hate the Left and wishes its destruction. 

       As for defending Christian values, Vox opines that instead of Ben Shapiro, the media should interview religious authorities, whom he seriously suggests are Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, and Andrew Anglin---all of whom happen to be Nazis! Shapiro is correct: and as we have stated here many times, the so-called Alternative Media and the Corporate Media are simply two sides of the same coin: united in their desire to overthrow the Constitution and the Church. 

       In reality, Vox and his Red-Pill clique follow the political and spiritual 'traditions' of 1960s radicals Lincoln Rockwell and L. Ron Hubbard moreso than any traditional American or Christian values. Their Cultural Fascism is only a variant of Leftist Cultural Marxism; just as 1920s European Fascism was only a variant of Leninist Bolshevism. 

      Dixon, O'Brien, and Vox Day are prime examples of why the US is in desperate need of a professional media again. The gutter-level extremism that these people are irresponsibly interjecting into public discourse is a national disgrace. 


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