Saturday, November 5, 2016


      Tonight's security incident during a Trump rally in Reno shows two things. One is that the US Secret Service is still an efficient organization despite Obama's social engineering experiments in the Federal Government. Lest we forget, there actually was an assassination attempt on Trump in Las Vegas less than four months ago. And with Obama blasting off about 'potential terror attacks' before the election, the Secret Service acted quite properly.

     What the incident does show, more than anything else, is why we need a professional news media. As it turned out, there was no assassination attempt, the suspect was a 'Never- Trump' conservative protestor who reached for a sign and was mistakenly thought to have a weapon. The Alt-Right's would-be alternative media made complete fools of themselves while the establishment Corporate Media pooh-poohed the whole event as some hysterical over-reaction.

     Mike Cernovich, Roosh Valizdeh, and Vox Day were up within the hour not only claiming an assassination attempt, but offering opinions---although to his credit, Valizdeh did say that the details were not fully known. Cernovich and Day, however, had all the answers.

     "Assassination attempt tonight, Secret Service heroes protect Trump {against would-be} assailant. Media is covering this up!"

     No, Cernovich. The media was waiting for a statement from the police, which is what you should have done. See, your theory that 'Conflict is attention, and intention is influence' doesn't really work when concrete facts are involved.

     And Vox Day: "Hilary's supporters are getting increasingly desperate," The Dark Lord warned.

     Meanwhile, the Corporate Media---many of whose members have been caught red-handed in various Clinton-related scandals---have been quick to pounce on the "baseless allegations of an assassination attempt" and the "unprofessional conduct" of their Internet competitors. Which is mostly a lot of projection on their own part.

      Jeremy Diamond of CNN---an effete protégée of Anderson Cooper---states "protestor says he was roughed up," in his headline, and rather ho-hums the whole incident. Diamond also snidely insinuates that the crowd singled out the suspect because he was a known Never-Trumper.

       What happened tonight is simply this, and nothing more: Law Enforcement was placed on high alert in Reno; a protestor acted suspiciously; the Secret Service reacted properly; the protestor was released without being charged. End of story. 

        Or is it? This incident says a lot about where we've fallen as a culture---not so much because of the incident itself, but because of public reaction to it. Essentially the two dominant reactions here are one side ready to form lynch-mobs and the other behaving as though a legitimate security threat was no big deal. The Ameroboobs need collectively to stop behaving as though these elections are Reality TV shows and start taking them seriously.

         Not only that, but we need a genuine media again this country. Between the full-time Internet trolls and the corporate shills, the state of American journalism has dropped to below the levels of sleazy tabloids of a few years ago. 



  1. Isaiah 8:12 says, “Don’t call everything a conspiracy, like they do,
    and don’t live in dread of what frightens them." It's a really good reminder not to let your imagination run away with you, not to engage in hyperbole and hysteria. Those red pills are very emotional, very reactionary, and that leads to paranoia and cynicism, which can become unhealthy and toxic. So people who are already emotionally unstable now have the media fueling them and they turn to the red pills, idolizing them, looking to them for leadership. It's a recipe for disaster. All I can do is pray that calmer heads prevail, that no one is pushed into farther chaos.

    1. Actually, Trump was the only one who behaved like a grown-up during the whole affair. He praised the Secret Service agents for being on the ball and finished his speech and went off to another rally in Denver where he didn't mention the incident at all.

      As for the Red Pills, their comments sections were full of the most vengeful and paranoid remarks; all over what turned out to be nothing. Cernovich has since discreetly slinked away and gone on to trolling about other topics. Vox Day, though, had another online meltdown; railing about how sick he was of 'credibility' in the media. Some guys just never learn...

  2. I watched this on the news. The news did twist it - of course, to bash Trump.

    "Chaos erupts at Trump Rally"

    They interviewed the man who supposedly drew a gun too (which was just an anti-trump pamphlet) - after claiming he had been "severely beaten". The guy did not have a bruise on him. He did not even look shaken up.

    I wonder if the media actually see things the way they report them - or if they know they are embellishing the truth.

    1. I think that they know that they are embellishing the truth. Many of them I think aren't reporters, but just professional writers who spin stories however they're told or according to their own biases.