Wednesday, November 9, 2016


     While outraged White American Liberals are rioting in the streets and George Soros and his entourage manipulating financial markets downwards; the more stable and rational of the world's leaders are calling Trump to congratulate him and breathing a sigh of relief that the end of Bush/Clinton foreign policy may at last be nearing its end.

        Shortly after Trump's acceptance speech, he received a call from Cairo. Much to the horror of the extremist Alt-Right, Trump's first contact with a foreign leader was with the Moslem President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah Sisi. Sisi succeeded a Wahhabi regime installed by Obama and Clinton during the so-called Arab Spring; and Egypt has suffered greatly from their Administration's intrigues in neighboring Libya and Sudan. Trump had previously met Sisi in September.

         Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia and perennial Clinton scapegoat, also contacted Trump and expressed hope that US-Russian relations would be mended. The tone of most Russian politicians was very optimistic throughout press interviews today.

           Post-BREXIT British Prime Minister Theresa May also celebrated the Trump victory. May and many UKIP politicians expressed hope that the US will resume its historic partnerships with Britain since Obama's and Soros' anti-BREXIT intrigues.

           Pope Francis issued the following public statement from the Vatican: "We congratulate the new president, and trust that his presidency will yield good fruit. We pray for Our Lord's support in his service to his country, and in the service of prosperity and peace to the whole world. Beginning today, we can work together to effect positive change in the world."

            Xi Jinping, the President of China---long exasperated by Obama/Clinton skullduggeries to the point where he even snubbed Obama at the recent G-20 Summit--- sounded almost relieved when speaking to Xinhua News after his conversation with Trump. Xi told the press that he was very optimistic that the world's two largest economies could work toward a common good for the entire world. Xi said to Trump: "I highly value the relations between China and the US, and I am looking forward to working together to expand co-operation in every field." The Chinese President was pleased by Trump's non-confrontational attitude and stated that he believed Sino-American relations would "move forward from a new starting point" this January. Chinese VP Li Yuanchao also spoke with Mike Pence.

             Matteo Rienzi, Italy's maverick Prime Minister, praised Trump, unlike most of his EU counterparts. Rienzi stated that he looked forward to a new and more constructive future in Italian-American relations.

             India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered congratulations and some of the most optimistic forecasts for Trump. Trump is extremely popular in India because some of his outreach to Hindu and Indian-American Republicans went viral on the Internet there. Modi stated to the press his belief that relations between India and the US "would reach all-time highs" under a Trump presidency---in contrast to the vacillating Obama/Clinton policies.

              Tyyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey also reached out to Trump. Erdogan was, somewhat surprisingly, one of the only world leaders who endorsed Trump during the campaign. "A new era has begun in America." Erdogan stated from Istanbul, "The American people have chosen for themselves a successful future; favorable to fundamental rights and freedoms, and upholding democracy and development in our region." Many analysts see this as a positive sign: that Putin and Trump together can rein in some of Erdogan's more unstable tendencies.

                 Now, Hillary Clinton wasn't without her supporters worldwide; who denounced Trump and lamented the US elections. Cuba's dictator emeritus Fidel Castro; Sadiq Khan, the Wahhabi mayor of London; and the Neo-Nazi president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko all felt they'd lost a kindred spirit in Clinton. As many of the Anti-Trump American protestors are threatening to leave the US; it may be that there is political asylum for them in Havana, London's Moslem Enclaves, or Kiev.

                 Meanwhile, though, it looks like the world powers are lining up with Trump.

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