Sunday, November 13, 2016


      Within a day following Donald Trump's electoral victory, Syrian President Dr. Bashir Assad issued a statement through his spokeswoman Bouthaina Shaaban that Syria might be willing to negotiate with the US should Trump keep his campaign promises regarding the Middle East. Trump had stated during the campaign that he would abandon the policy of regime-change in Syria to focus on fighting ISIS and other terrorist gangs.

      On Friday, Trump stated in an interview with the Corporate Media outlet The Wall Street Journal that he was willing to accept Assad's olive-branch for the greater good of defeating international terrorist gangs.

    "I have an opposite view from many regarding Syria." the President-Elect said, "Syria is fighting ISIS, and we have to get rid of ISIS. Russia is aligned with Syria, and now there is Iran, which has become powerful because of our policies, aligned with Syria...we should also be determined to fight ISIS instead of pursuing regime change."

     Trump's words were welcomed throughout the Allied Nations' press corps. Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ali Al-Ahmad said that his government was hopeful, but "cautiously optimistic' that the US will become a real partner in the fight against the Jihad.

     "Syria cannot hastily say that Trump's position will be that of the new Administration since his positions are the personal ones of him and his advisors. But we do hope that he can make the Pentagon, the CIA, and the Neoconservatives follow his policies." Al-Ahmad told SANA on Saturday.

      Ash Carter, chief of Obama's LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon had a much different reaction. In a humiliating public meltdown---reminiscent of his embarrassing performance at this year's Singapore Summit---Carter fumed on CBS This Morning over Trump's reversal of Obama's failed Syria Policy.

       "The Russians aren't doing what we need to do and think ought to be done in Syria!" Carter bellowed to sympathetic Corporate Media interviewer Norah O'Donnell, "They're helping Assad! The Russians have it completely backwards...I will not recommend to the incoming president that we work with, or associate ourselves with Russia until they start doing the right thing,"

       None of which, of course, made any more sense than anything else Carter has ever said or done regarding Syria. But Carter's hysteria is probably justified; if Trump's policy-shift in Syria is indeed genuine, it will tangentially expose the network of corruption in which the previous Administration has been engaged in there. And when that happens, Ash Carter, Hilary Clinton, John Kerry, the Podesta Brothers, Dick Gephardt, General Joseph Votel and many others are going to be in a lot of trouble.

       It was also announced that Putin and Trump will have a meeting in the near future; no doubt Syria will be a topic of discussion.


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