Sunday, November 27, 2016


      'Pizzagate', for the few Americans who haven't heard of it, is a viral topic on the Internet currently. It's a difficult story to summarize; but the basic synopsis seems to be along these lines: There were some cryptic references about pizza, pastas, and a few other out-of-place items among the Podesta Files published by Julian Assange. Some believe these and other phrases are part of a code which lead back to a Beltway pizzeria and billiard hall run by a shady character named James Alefantis who has some suspicious connections to high-level officials in the Democratic Party. The theories going around that these e-mail references concern an alleged child sex-trafficking ring.

      The Corporate Media has been simultaneously dismissing and encouraging Pizzagate allegations; which ought to send up some immediate red flags as to the story's credibility. Even more suspicious is the fact that Alefantis---an open homosexual---is or was allegedly the gay lover of Clinton Machine operative David Brock. Brock's political history and ethics are about on the same level as Bob Creamer's or Sidney Blumenthal's. Brock is also heavily connected to the Corporate Media and is alleged by some to have connections to George Soros.

      Whenever the Corporate Media talks about Pizzagate, it is in conjunction with their contemporary meme about 'fake news.' Reddit even banned threads on the subject, calling it a "witch hunt." There are lot of fishy things about this story, and anchovy pizza isn't one of them.

       The entire Pizzagate story rests upon what certain apparently coded phrases in the Podesta e-mails actually mean. Proponents of Pizzagate argue that these phrases are employed in the sexual underworld to refer to paedophilia. Now while it is presumable that perverts like Alefantis, Brock, and Podesta are well-versed in such terminology, there has yet to be any police officials who specialize in such crimes to speak out, let alone open an official investigation. In fact, it's not clear where or how the Pizzagate allegations began, or who first brought them to public attention.

         Some might argue that the Podesta messages appear to be codes; this is likely so. It actually is not that unusual that political campaigns and officials employ coded messages. Politics at times is like military strategies, sometimes there is certain information that must be guarded until the appropriate time.

        Another troubling issue with Pizzagate is the fact that the Podesta Files and the O'Keefe videos have actual confessions and outright admissions of Democratic Party officials committing crimes. The Corporate Media has given all of that much less attention than Pizzagate. There are a lot of scandals and crimes out in the open which don't require any speculation---which the Media covers up. Scandals, for example involving Government agencies  with whom the Corporate Media's parent-companies and advertisers have contracts. Or scandals involving major foreign investors  in the Corporate Media. 

        Pizzagate appears, at this point, to be a false flag most probably initiated by Alefantis and Brock themselves to stir up support for censorship, or divert public attention from other DNC crimes, or for some other sinister purpose. We must be careful in the Information Age not to run with rumors but to deal with known facts if we ever hope to bring these political criminals to justice.



  1. Well said. Pizza-gate really reads like a false flag to me and I keep urging caution for those informally investigating, a challenging idea indeed, since social media seems to be advocating outright censorship.

    On the flip side however, there really are some heroic men interested in justice who do care, who do report things that matter, who seek to protect women and children. Not pizza-gate perhaps, but a dozen or so other cases where justice prevailed simply because good men did something. I love that.

    We had our own mini pizza gate scandal here, a trivial local matter indeed, but not trivial for those being violated, and it was stopped simply because some good men stepped forward and reported it.

    1. Thank you. I think that most of those promoting Pizzagate theories probably mean well, but there is no shortage of high-level crimes the Clinton Machine committed. One major unsolved one for internet investigators is the murder of Seth Rich, which the Corporate Media's forgotten about. It's believed that Rich leaked the DNC files and Julian Assange even offered a $20,000 reward for information on Rich's death.