Monday, October 31, 2016


      Game Cult leader Roosh Valizadeh, in the process of promoting one of his new books, published an article today explaining how practicing the hedonistic Game Philosophy puts men on the pathway to spiritual truth.

      "Many other men have also had a similar pathway as myself, whereby promiscuous sex was a device for understanding the world and deciding on behaviors that are more sustainable to the male soul." he pontificates, "While not every man gains wisdom during the stage in his life where he wants to sow his royal oats, many do; and they use that wisdom to devise solutions that can solve our modern problems. I do not regret at all engaging in shallow sex with many dozens of women throughout the world, because it has developed my thinking into what it is now, even though the sex itself wasn't very memorable and didn't give me much except momentary pleasure. From my current vantage point, it really does feel like it was all pre-determined, as if I was supposed to participate in shallow intimacy to gain understanding, but that would imply some sort of Divine Providence."

         This passage is such a striking illustration of why the Game/Red Pill Cult is such a dangerous and perverse movement. Valizadeh shows us plainly that there is nothing spiritual about Game.

         What we read is the worst elements of the male nature, which is what the Game Cult holds up as an idealized form of masculinity. We see narcissism as the most pronounced negative trait here. There's no sense of remorse or repentance for the women he may have hurt; no sense of reliance on a Higher Power; no sense of a need for salvation---things that characterize traditional religions. Instead, all that Valizdeh and the Game Cult offer is an evolutionary phase from a sexual Alpha to a spiritual Alpha.

        Given that the Game Philosophy is heavily rooted in the pseudoscience of Evolutionary Psychology, Valizdeh was bound to come to this kind of conclusion. In fact, his theory is very similar to Feminist Neo-Paganism, wherein the New Age Superwoman eventually ages into the Wise Old Crone. Note that Valizdeh actually believes that manipulating, seducing---and even forcing---women into shallow sexual encounters gives him the "wisdom to devise solutions that can solve our modern problems"! This is narcissism to the point of delusions of grandeur; but for a manly Alpha leader, it is a perfectly reasonable conclusion.

          To underscore that point even further, Valizdeh links to one of his earlier articles outlining The Five Paths to Realizing Truth. In Game, everything in life is reducible to a formula like this. The Five Paths are:

          1. Being a Player who sleeps with a large number of women.
          2. Living in a Totalitarian Society.
          3. Being Persecuted by the Establishment.
          4. Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle.
          5. Travelling off the Beaten Path.

          All of which, combined, sound characteristically cultish. Cult leaders are notorious for collecting harems; teaching that the outside world is oppressive and out to get them; and avoiding contact with mainstream society as much as possible. Valizdeh even tells us afterwards that the three things obstructing the path to truth are holding a steady job; engaging in collective entertainment; and getting a classical education: in short, avoiding everything that gives a man a useful social purpose.

            Valizdeh concludes, predictably, by telling his disciples that buying his book will provide them with the secret knowledge needed to defend themselves against Establishment attacks. But in reality, there is no secret formula for any such thing. Christ already showed us the way.

          In the Gospel of Saint Matthew the Apostle, a story was related that Christ was tempted by Satan, who tried to induce Him to submit to various tests. Christ defeated the devil by the phrase "Be gone, Satan. It is written that we should love God and serve only Him." One defeats the powers of earthly evils in the same way: by committing oneself to do right in the Eyes of God.

            How does one then find the spiritual path? St. Matthew walked with Christ; Valizdeh and the Game Cultists seduce women and cultivate other antisocial behaviors. St. Matthew was a publican who became a saint; Valizdeh and the Game Cults are cads who became reprobates. To those seeking a spiritual path, it will be found at the feet of the King of Kings; and not on the blog called The Return of Kings.


  1. I think in 'sphere talk they would say Roosh is "hitting his wall." And death of course, is the greatest wall of all, something we all get to deal with at some point. Unfortunately, Roosh has not yet experienced regret, he's still rationalizing. Regret is a dreadful thing, but it often leads to repentance, which then can open the door to salvation.

    Surprise! Lots of meaningless sex with a variety of partners does not feed our souls or teach us about the joy to be found in intimacy with our Creator. If anything it leaves us emptier then ever and floundering about, hungry for something real.

    1. It would appear that what the Red Pills say about the 'Carousel' applies to both genders after all.

      Roosh is unfortunately caught in an echo chamber where Gamers like Vox, Dalrock, and Tomassi teach men to understand the Bible through the lens of Red Pill Philosophy. If he wants to find the path to Truth in the Bible, he'll have to do it without Game's falsehoods obstructing his vision.