Saturday, October 1, 2016


   While we at this blog oppose Feminism---along with other impositions of the Cultural Marxists---we don't link to many Men's Rights blogs and are often critical of the movement. We have held, since this blog was founded in April of this year, that the MRM has been largely co-opted by the cultish Game philosophy, militant homosexuals, and far-Right political extremists. The movement was originally about fighting Feminist-imposed laws and exposing to both genders the sophistries of Feminist philosophy. The latter goal was the original meaning behind the phrase taking the Red Pill, though it has since come to mean something closer to a cultish religious conversion.

    We have also argued that, in its current form, the MRM has adopted most Feminist and Cultural Marxist premises. Their overt misogyny is nothing more than repackaged Feminist misandry; they preach political correctness and identity politics like Cultural Marxists; and in general, they now stand against Tradition, Faith, Family, and Freedom.

      One of the MRM bloggers to whom we link is a Norwegian writer named Eivind Berge, who's written an article titled 'The Men's Movement has lost.

      Berge has been one of the stalwart defenders of men's rights throughout his career; actually risking life and liberty for his beliefs. He once won a landmark case in the Norwegian Supreme Court defending the right of Free Speech. His article today talks to a great extent about current abuses in Rape Laws---a subject on which he has considerable expertise. The article is worth reading in its entirety. but he makes another excellent point to which we will comment further here:

      "Further evidence of how feckless we are is the degeneration of many former men's sites into White Supremacism and other nonsense---the so-called Alt-Right. For example, the blogger formerly known as 'Roissy in DC', now called 'Chateau Heartiste', when he isn't busy pushing racism or fat-shaming women, promotes the Feminist definition of rape. He has literally internalized Feminist slogans about sex without consent as his normative definition of rape...I must conclude that even in the former Manosphere most men are not seriously opposed to Feminism any more. What Roissy is doing is the equivalent of letting Feminism win by a walk-over, and that sums up the current sorry state of the Men's Movement."

      Exactly. It appears now that the Red Pills have compounded their crimes by accepting Feminist rape definitions in addition to all the other Feminist doctrines and dogmas they have internalized. Berge is correct that sound rape/consent laws are essential to securing the rights of both genders in sexual relations. The Feminist redefinition of these laws has been seeping into the MRM for some time---advocated mostly at the blog A Voice for Men, a blog which is a viper's-nest of homosexuals and anti-Constitutionalists. Though nominally opposed to the Game Cult, AVfM, probably more than any other site, set the downward spiral of the MRM in motion and paved the way for religious fanatics and political extremists to hijack the whole movement.

      The Men's Movement effectively died the moment it shifted from anti-Feminism to anti-Female. The genders are meant to be complimentary, not engaged eternally in some theoretical Marxist class-struggle for social supremacy. The rights and privileges of both genders need to be respected by law and custom. Men gain nothing by becoming Feminists---any more than women gain by it.


  1. Ahh, thank you. It's always encouraging to know there are some MRA's in the world who get it, who see what is happening.

    I think you summed it up very nicely here, "The Men's Movement effectively died the moment it shifted from anti-Feminism to anti-Female. The genders are meant to be complimentary, not engaged eternally in some theoretical Marxist class-struggle for social supremacy."

    There have been several very nice men over the years, MRA's who have taught me some things I did not know, by simply being civil and making a rational argument. I know that is unpopular in today's world of hyperbole and perpetual offense, but it really is powerful. That is how you go about winning hearts and minds and creating allies, and that is what creates change.

    1. The Men's Movement used to be centered on defending Fatherhood and countering Feminist misandry. They used to follow people like Warren Farrell and Robert Bly---but now it's just been taken over by extremists.