Monday, October 3, 2016


      While here in the Prozac Nation we spent another weekend of street riots, football protests, and porn stars fighting with presidential candidates, Pope Francis was busy in the Caucasus republics. In a three-day tour to Georgia and Azerbaijan, the Pontiff met with Orthodox clergy and political leaders; and spoke to issues of concern to the region.

      The area has been a problem-spot in the world since the Soros-funded 'Rose Revolution' in 2003. Soros' and ex-Vice President Cheney's intrigues in the country led to a brief war with Russia in 2007. The US subsequently established a naval base there; and ever since Georgia has been a hub of complots for clandestine activities in Turkey, Ukraine, Syria, and elsewhere; as well as a fertile recruiting ground for Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

       The Pope spoke out against the two major ideological threats facing the region: degenerate Western Liberalism and Jihadist sectarianism.

        At the Church of the Assumption in Tbilisi, the Pope celebrated Mass and received testimonies from among the Georgian populace. After hearing a young wife and mother who expressed fear for her children's future in the declining Georgian moral climate, the Pope said to the audience:

        "You mentioned a great enemy of marriage today: gender theory. Today, the whole world is at war trying to destroy marriage. This war isn't being fought with arms but with ideas. There are certain ideologies which destroy marriage, so we must defend ourselves against ideological colonialism."

        Pope Francis' last phrase identified the source of the cultural problem in Georgia. Since the Soros coup, US interests have flooded Georgia with American Exceptionalism, such as no-fault divorce, popular ridicule of the traditional family, and social pressure to accept homosexuality.

         "Matrimony is the most beautiful thing God created." Francis said, "Since man and woman have been created in God's Image, when the two become one, it reflects His Image."

          The Pope went on to discuss the importance of extended families in supporting marriages in crisis. Then, following a testimony from a male seminarian, Pope Francis addressed the rising cult of the Alpha Male promoted by the Alt-Right, noting that is the duty of mothers to educate children in the Faith. To which he adjoined:

         "Both Mary and the Church play an essential role as a mother. The Church remains open to all. There are two women whom Christ wanted for all of us, His Mother and His Bride." he noted "The Mother of Christ He left us as Our Mother. The Church is the spouse of Jesus, she is also our mother. With Mary and the Church, we have a sure way of going forward. Here again, we find the woman. It seems like the Lord has a preference, and His preference is to bring the faith forward through women."

        On Sunday, the Pope travelled to the neighboring country of Azerbaijan, becoming the first pope in centuries to do so. Azerbaijan is a predominantly Shiite Moslem country, closely allied with Russia and Iran. It has also suffered much from Western intrigues, particularly Jihadist elements inserted into the country. Though a tiny nation, Azerbaijan is geopolitically critical. It occupies the entire space between the Russian and Iranian borders; and thus facilities commercial, military, and anti-terrorist activities between the two Allies.

        Speaking before an audience of political leaders and both Orthodox and Islamic clerics, the Pope praised Azerbaijan's commitment to upholding religious freedom. He stressed that the Light of Truth could never be imposed by any artificial means.

        "It is the task of every civilized society to support religion which allows a Light to shine through, indispensable for living. In order for this to happen, an effective and authentic freedom must be guaranteed. Artificial forms, which bind people to believe, imposing upon them a determined belief system and depriving them of Free Will can never be used. Neither can the cloak of worldliness or the yearning for power and profit. God cannot be used for personal interests and selfish ends, He cannot used to justify any form of Fundamentalism, Imperialism, or Colonialism. No more violence in the Name of God! May His Holy Name be adored, not profaned or bartered as a commodity through hatred and human opposition."

       The Pontiff's words drew a round of applause from the mainly Moslem audience. The Pope also commended the efforts of Azeri Ayatollah Pashazade, who has facilitated humanitarian aid to Syrian Christians as well as fighting discrimination against Azeri Christians and Jews. Again, alluding to dangerous tendencies from the Western Alt-Right, Francis stated:

      "It is not opposition but cooperation which helps to build more peaceful and stable societies. The fraternity sought by Azeri religious leaders directly oppose those who wish to focus on division or reawaken tensions that come from opposition or differences. Religions have the key task of accompanying people throughout life, helping people to understand that the center of each person is outside of himself, that we are oriented towards the Most High, and to the other person, who is our neighbor."

    To which he concluded:

    "Another part of this task involves providing authentic answers to those who find themselves lost among the swirling contradictions of our times. One of these contradictions is a seeming attitude of Nihilism among those who believe in nothing except their own well-being, power, and profit. On the other hand, there is a growing presence of a rigid fundamentalism from those who by both violent words and deeds seek to impose extreme and radical attitudes which are furthest from the Living God."

    The Pope's speeches drew down predictable outrage from US pundits and writers whose consciences were no doubt deeply stung by his words. However, the Pope received nothing but praise from both the Georgian and Azeri media. It is noteworthy how Francis manages these important social issues and unite the most disparate audiences without the rhetoric and vitriol so characteristic of American policymakers. Pope Francis' secret is simply that he appeals to people's better natures in his words instead of pandering to their worst tendencies.

     And true to form, a Fox News reporter---whose parent company donates to the Clinton Foundation and whose stockholders fund Wahhabi madrassas---asked the Pope in Azerbaijan whether he had a preference in the upcoming US elections. Francis answered that the people were sovereign in such matters, but that Americans should vote their consciences.

    "When any country there are two, three, or four candidates who don't satisfy everyone, it probably means that the culture of that country has become too politicized, and the genuine political life of that culture isn't very strong. People will say 'I am of this party, or that party', but effectively they don't have clear thoughts about the basics."





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