Thursday, October 6, 2016


     Though probably few outside of the Alt-Right have heard of him, an anonymous Internet figure calling himself Ricky Vaughan has been at the center of a new wave of outrage. Vaughn was banned from Twitter two days ago, despite having a considerable following. Twitter has not issued any other statement other than Vaughn violated their posting policy. The Daily Caller, a shady Beltway-based site run by operatives of News Corp and former Bush Administration officials, has been the only Mainstream News outlet giving the story much coverage. Even they state that Vaughan was known for publishing White Nationalist and anti-Semitic articles.

       In January 2016, Vaughn was interviewed by Radix, and said a number of noteworthy things. When asked how he came to embrace Alt-Right ideology, Vaughn replied:

      "From there, I started consuming the anti-feminist blogs of the Manosphere...From there, around the time of the Trayvon Incident, I got linked to from MPC by Chateau Heartiste. At the time I realized what a con-job the media was playing on all of us, and how the mainstream race propaganda was all b------t. From there I began to explore the different facets of Cultural Marxism, the Jewish role in subversion, etc."

      Vaughn also noted on his Reddit account: "I love the Manosphere. I have read their work for years." and "I like the Weimerica Podcast, and for blogs I like Vox Populi and Anonymous Conservative; Steve Sailer's blog."

      Well, well, well. Does anyone still wish to argue that the Red Pill/Game Cult is not having a social impact? Vaughn had 60,000 followers on Twitter---essentially repeating Game Cult propaganda under the guise of political discourse. And true to his Red Pill Awareness, Vaughn tells Radix that he has some definite views on domestic issues:

      "I would like to introduce racial consciousness into the mix so that patriotic American conservatives don't feel bad about creating all-white communities and shunning mixed-marriage and that sort of thing, because we need racial separation in order to maintain our unique culture and heritage."

       And equally in character, he despises traditional values-based Conservatism:

       "One of the problems with mainline Conservatism is undoubtedly their consultants. These include mostly lesbians or closeted homosexuals who signed up for Vine and are thus able to fool aging hedge-fund managers into thinking they are media magicians...Imagine a fat, low-testosterone Boomer grinning and rubbing his hands together at the thought of making a video 'go viral'. These idiots are the sea-lampreys of the political biosphere.

         "We are setting the tone ideologically and forcing mainstream Conservatives to there is also the Neocohenservative faction...they are the ones screaming about Nazis, about mapping the topology of the Alt-Right, and how terrible Nativism is... others are seeing this growing divide between Globalism and Nationalism; and the good people are siding with Nationalism while the Shabbos goyim shills and the Neocohens are siding with the Globalists."

         Following the Twitter ban, Vaughn was quick to claim censorship along with a chorus of Manosphere camp-followers like Chateau Heartiste and Matt Forney, who proclaimed that the purge has begun! This in spite of the fact that Vaughn is still active on Facebook, Reddit, MPC, Youtube, and elsewhere; and mulling launching his own website. All of these egomaniacs believe themselves the next target of Twitter's silencing of the opposition; and Forney especially took great pains to remind his followers that more of their donations would be required, should that event come to pass.

         The Manosphere is pushing a campaign to reactivate Vaughn's Twitter account, but a quick search on Google reveals that the blog most aggressively promoting Vaughn's reinstatement is one called The Daily Stormer. This site's header proclaims itself "The World's #1 Alt-Right Website" next to a picture of Adolf Hitler. The site was founded by Andrew Anglin, formerly of the Total Fascism blog. Anglin---who is not banned from Twitter---is promoting a hashtag on Twitter as sort of a petition to bring back Vaughn's account. So much for censorship. But Anglin still wrote yesterday: "One thing's for sure: this is the beginning of a purge. You're getting ethnically cleansed from Twitter because the Jews have demanded it."

        As for Anglin himself, he too is an avid follower of the Manosphere. A self-described MGTOW who has written several articles on the inferiority of women, he is also admitted reader of Game Cult blogger, Vox Day.

         So has a purge really begun? Of course not. Vaughn, Anglin, and the Game Cult have persecution complexes along with all their other neuroses. The threats to Freedom of Speech are real: the NSA operating gangs like The Equation Group to block access to alternative news; Obama's repeal of the Anti-Propaganda Act; Wall Street robber barons like George Soros and Rupert Murdoch monopolizing the media---these things actually do threaten free speech.

          And just as dangerous are the activities of religious cultists in the media. The Game Cult, the Moonies, the Scientologists, the Satanists, and the Wahhabis---these people need to be called out and exposed. They, and certainly not the Jews, are threats to freedom anywhere they gain power or influence.







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