Thursday, October 27, 2016


       An interesting phenomenon here in the Prozac Nation is our culture's schizophrenic attitudes towards sexuality---heterosexuality in particular. The Cultural Elites will ruthlessly attack anyone who objects to allowing children near homosexual adults, and just as viciously persecute anyone suspected of engaging in any remotely heterosexual activities.

        As if on cue today, the Corporate Media brought back memories of "a high-tech lynching" carried out in the early 1990s against then-Supreme Court nominee, Clarence Thomas. The Thomas Confirmation Hearings were notable for being one of the first instances of Trash Culture and tabloid-level sleaze played out as an actual political drama.

        So today, we had yet another female victim come forward during a politically-volatile season who suddenly remembered that Justice Thomas 'groped' her 17 years ago. Thomas denied the allegations to an outraged mob---all of whom happen to work for the press.

        Why is the Corporate Media going after Justice Thomas? (Other than, of course, that they hate him for being a Conservative). The answer goes back to the 3rd Debate. Donald Trump was asked a set-up question by the shill Chris Wallace about whether he would accept the election results. Trump left the question open-ended, but The Corporate Media pounced on the story within minutes (almost as if it had been orchestrated) and ran pointless headlines for the next several days howling that Trump might actually contest the election.

          What happened the last time we had a contested election (2000)? It was decided by the Supreme Court.

           The Court is currently composed of eight members since Justice Antonin Scalia died under very mysterious circumstances in Texas last February. With the Conservative Scalia conveniently out of the way and Thomas compromised, the remaining seven Justices would give a huge advantage to the Clinton Machine in any electoral dispute.

         Probably this what these 'allegations' amount to; an attempt to stack the Court in Clinton's favor. Even the somnambulant American public should be aware by now that the Clinton Machine is a criminal enterprise that would stop at nothing for power and profit. Of course, the Ameroboobs should be, but whether they actually are or not is another matter.

        When a sitting Supreme Court Justice suddenly dies in some remote location, with no autopsy or coroner's inquest and the body is cremated over the Justice's own wishes---and the Elites all say in unison that not a bit of that is even slightly suspicious---such people will swallow gullibly any innuendo of impropriety directed at another Justice. We've effectively become an Idiocracy where politics is a national soap-opera and elections are like (also rigged) sporting events.

         So the latest scandal is a repeat of what Thomas called 25 years ago "nothing but a circus and a national disgrace." And so it's been ever since.




  1. You make a really good point. I too notice that these "scandals" all involve heterosexuals behaving as humans often do. So while we do have some evidence of bad manners, it's not exactly earth shattering news that men are often attracted to women. And in the back of my mind I know that if these "scandals" involved homosexuality or other assorted oddities, the targets would be endlessly praised for their bravery and their courageous "lifestyle choices."

    1. Thank you---yes, our culture also has this strange tendency of idolizing female sexuality, then shaming heterosexual men for actually reacting normally to it. It's simply a law of nature that when boys and girls get together; one thing often leads to another.

      Since he was in the news today, recall the case of Anthony Weiner---another politician who fell in a sex scandal. If he send those kinds of 'offensive' texts to homosexual men, would anyone have complained? Very doubtful.