Sunday, October 23, 2016


     The Iranian leadership, whatever its other shortcomings, is never hesitant about speaking their minds bluntly without regard to the political correctness of what they see as the truth. The top Iranian civil and religious leaders spoke to the press on Sunday, giving their perspectives on the November US Presidential Elections.

      President Hassan Rouhani stated that, for the American people, it was a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils.

     "The lack of ethical standards in the US was made clear in the presidential debates." Rouhani said. "We have seen the way that the candidates speak to, accuse, and mock one another; and this is the American democracy and election? A huge industrial country which claims 200 years of freedom and democracy presents a deplorable lack of morality among its chosen representatives."

     The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Said Ali Khamenei, also issued a statement to interviewers.

      "The ongoing election campaigns in America and the issues raised by the two candidates constitute a clear and evident example of the consequences of the lack of spirituality and faith among those in power." the Ayatollah noted. "During the coming weeks, one of those two candidates---whose remarks and behaviors you observe---will become the President of country which has enormous power and wealth; the world's largest nuclear arsenal; and the largest media network in the world."

      Now most Americans' reflexive reaction would be to bristle at these comments; and admittedly Iran's own electoral process and interpretation of democracy is not above criticism itself. But consider for a moment this: Didn't these two men just say exactly what many Americans are saying and thinking? Sad to say, the Ayatollahs' impressions of the character of our leadership is essentially correct.

       More shameful still, the Iranian leaders are also correct about the lack of faith, spirituality, and ethics driving our policies. Iran may be the world leader of Shiite Moslems, but the US is seen to be the largest Christian nation in the world.  We Americans should collectively hang our heads in disgraced shame over the fact that Islamic leaders have to expose our failure to live up to Christian social principles. The Iranian Constitution even recognizes Christians as a protected religious minority, with applicable anti-discrimination laws and right of conscience in commerce. In contrast, American Christians can lose their businesses and suffer social persecution for exercising these same rights.

        Iran's leaders are only saying what our own so-called 'Elites' should have been saying months ago. Regardless of who wins November's elections, the 2016 campaigns really ought to provoke some deep national soul-searching about where we are headed as a nation. Whether the American people have it within themselves to do so, though, is another matter.

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