Tuesday, October 11, 2016


    It has been noted both here and by many other bloggers and writers that the Manosphere Red Pill/Game Cult is actively fomenting racial hatred and gender divisions. It appears now that some of them seem to be intentionally inciting sectarian religious hatreds among Christians as well.

     In Islamic theology, there is a term that often appears in Middle Eastern Media outlets: Takfiri. It's a shame that Christians don't have a corresponding term, because it well-describes the Red Pill Cultists. Takfiri was a term coined by Mohammed which conveys the idea of an apostate who embraces heretical versions of the faith and wages Jihad against the True Believers. The term is often employed in the Arab media referring to the Wahhabis and their ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and other associated militias.

     The Game blogger Dalrock has been engaging in this sort of Jihad recently against several mainstream Protestant writers; among them Sam Powell, Joel and Kathy Davisson, and Mary Kassian---all of whom have ministries focusing on marriage-related issues. Dalrock has been accusing all of them---falsely---of perverting Scripture, embracing Radical Feminism, and disseminating false doctrines. This, from a writer who has stated that All Christians must learn Game, and praises the perverted Game philosophy of the racist, Nazi sympathizer blogger Chateau Heartiste as doctrinally compatible with Christianity.

      In his latest article, his third attack on the Reverend Powell this month, he takes issue with what he calls Powell's abysmal theology. What Powell actually argues is that God despises maltreatment of a wife more than He despises divorce. Powell says this, which Dalrock considers to be a false and unbiblical teaching:

       "But then you say, how will we keep our wives from leaving us? First, I have to say to you that if force and intimidation are the only tools in your arsenal to keep your marriage, then you need to reevaluate your existence as a human being."

       This is the opposite, of course, of what Game Cultists and Dalrock teach. While it is clear that Powell is writing about an abused spouse, Dalrock argues that it is the duty of the wife to 'submit' even under abusive circumstances. The argument is Circular Logic, because Game teaches the use of force and intimidation by the husband and denies Love as a motivational factor in marriage. As Powell rightly says, such an idea "is by reducing marriage to simply a sexual relationship, or reducing his covenant with God to a matter of tradition or convenience. Either way, the man is guilty of {the sin of} treachery."

      Treachery towards one's wife is exactly what the Game Cult endorses; and treachery to those who teach Christian doctrines as well. If anyone doubts that the Gamers are attempting deliberately to sow religious hatred, let them observe a sample of the comments that followed Dalrock's article---not one of which were challenged by Dalrock:

        Smithborough: "The myth of the holy divorce needs to be sent back to the pit of Hell where it was spawned."

         Feeriker: "What we're seeing here is the chaff that will be separated from the wheat once the persecution and suffering starts...Samantha Powell and her princess enablers are chaff, the worthless pollutant that will fall away and will apostatize fully---in fact they will join the heathen in the persecution of the true church...the sooner we recognize these false believers for who and what they are, and treat them accordingly, the better."

         God Is Laughing: "Am I supposed to mind when Mohammed/Abdul/Ahmed removes his rotten head with a dull hunting knife?"

         Constrainedlocus: "Men looking for even the smallest semblance of pastoral encouragement, congregational acceptance, spiritual guidance, healing and fortitude would do well to leave churches alone. Men are quite obviously the enemy there."

        Rollo Tomassi: "So now, not only has the Feminine Imperative replaced the Holy Spirit interpretively, through its pastoral agents, the words of their 'Lord and Savior' are subject to cancellation and disqualification by what best benefits women and their imperatives. Tell me again why any unchurched man would find value in today's church or converting to a faith and doctrine that is not only actively hostile towards men but openly and fluidly redesigns that faith to act against him?"

        DrTorch: "I've written before that Powell is an entryist, a corrupter who wrote the right things early on so that he could gain a position of influence and then do as he pleased. His church leadership should act swiftly and sternly. Has anyone contacted them regarding his false teachings?"

          TheDeti: "Most church 'men's ministries' are a joke, really. Most men's ministries are 'worship your wives' and 'don't look at porn.'"

         We can see clearly what is afoot here. This is not a disagreement over interpreting a passage from the Bible or a doctrinal point over divorce. This is part of a concerted effort to incite division within Christianity itself. They are the Christian version of the Takfiri

           These heretics teach that sin is caused by women, that Game is a scriptural philosophy, that domestic violence and psychological manipulation are Christian virtues, and that men should stay away from Church and listen only to the Red Pill leaders. And worse still, they teach their disciples to regard other churches as enemies of mankind; sneeringly referring to them as Social Justice Warriors, as though fighting for social justice is a bad thing.

          Pastors and priests need to be made more aware of the activities of this evil group and what their stated goals and apparent intentions really are. Game is nothing but the Cult of the Superman disguised as the religion of the Prince of Peace.






  1. This one was a bit hard for me to understand. I can't say I follow any "game" blogs.

    I would state that many "man-o-sphere" sites do in fact despise religion - specifically Christianity.

    It is seriously awkward that so do feminists.

    Strange bedfellows.

    1. Thank you, and thank you for adding us to your blogroll.

      We link to your blog and about a half-dozen other MRA sites who still stand for what the MRM was really all about: restoring traditional gender roles, reforming laws relative to divorce, custody, AOC laws, etc., defending the rights of men and exposing the frauds of Feminism. Too much of the MRM today, though, is not only anti-Christian, but perverting Christianity by adulterating it with Game Philosophy---which has taken on many of the aspects of a cult. Also much of the MRM has been hijacked by White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis, and militant homosexuals. They're all bedfellows with the Feminists and Cultural Marxists because Anti-Christianity and Identity Politics are the vector-points where they all agree.