Wednesday, October 12, 2016


    During the October orgy of Trump-bashing and clown sightings in the Corporate Media, one of the biggest jokers of them all has resurfaced. Prince Said Al-Hussein, head of the UN Commission on Human Rights, has again interjected his unwanted presence into American politics. The Prince hails from Jordan---a country with a hideous record of human rights violations---and is part of the Wahhabi/Moslem Brotherhood ruling family there. He's warned Americans not to vote for The Donald this November.

    As we pointed out in the link above, the Jordanian Royal Family are abject toadies of the Obama Administration and their Wahhabi bosses in Riyadh, both of whom prop up the Jordanian Regime. CENTCOM has been headquartered in Jordan since they were rather unceremoniously booted out of Iraq last year; and only a few months later an unknown quantity of US weapons went missing, only turn up in the hands of Jihadists later on.

     The Prince prefaced his statement by stating that he is "not keen on interfering in any nation's political campaign." Except for supporting terrorists trying to overthrow the Syrian and Iraqi governments, and committing war crimes in Yemen and Bahrain to uphold Wahhabi puppets, or inciting Israeli-Palestinian tensions: otherwise Jordan doesn't interfere too much in other countries' politics. But overlooking his own country's complicity in inciting civil wars in five different countries, the Prince is concerned with what Trump may do if elected President:

     "If Donald Trump is elected, on the basis of what he has said so far, unless this changes, I think that without any doubt he would be dangerous to the international community. He has called for bringing back interrogation techniques that legal experts say amount to torture."

      Considering that Jordan participates in the Bush/Obama/Clinton Rendition Program, the Prince may be speaking with some expertise here. But the Prince doesn't seem overly concerned with the proven track record of Clinton and Obama, among whose international dangerousness has included the Arab Spring; the Maidan Uprising, restarting the Cold War, the rise of ISIS, the resurgence of the Taliban, flooding Europe with refugees, inflaming tensions on the Korean Peninsula, a failed coup attempt in Turkey, and nearly pushing China to WW3. Hilary Clinton has said she wants to continue all of these policies and, in fact, promote them more aggressively.

       "Trump's attacks on vulnerable communities such as Moslems, immigrants, and minorities suggest that they may well be deprived of human rights." he sternly warned. It may be so; but where is UN's concern for Hilary Clinton's remarks about Trump supporters being a "basket of deplorables" or Sanders supporters being "a bunch of idiots living in their parents' basements?" The Prince issued no statement about human rights violations under the Obama Administration in which Clinton served: execution of American nationals abroad without trial; NSA and TSA privacy violations; repealing the Anti-Propaganda Act; collusion with Wall Street interests like George Soros to manipulate the media; Operation Fast-and-Furious which resulted in American deaths (as did the Benghazi Incident); and rigging the 2016 Democratic Primaries.

        These are fair example of how seriously any statements coming out the current UNCHR should be taken. Luckily for the UN, with Russia's control of the Security Council, real leaders are beginning to take charge there and put a stop to such nonsense. Russian Foreign Minister Dmitry Lavrov issued a statement today essentially ordering His Royal Highness to butt out of the US elections and mind his own business.

       "His position is not about ruling or passing judgments on sovereign states." Lavrov told CNN, "His position is to protect human rights and this doesn't not involve intervention in domestic affairs."

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