Thursday, October 13, 2016


    The treacherous Obama is determined not to depart Washington without creating further world chaos. Now that his Syria Policy has completely collapsed, and the Allies are the gaining the upper hand in the West; Obama is interjecting his unwanted presence into Iraq to wreck Allied gains in the East.

      Since the LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon fled from ISIS and abandoned Iraq to its fate, Iraq joined the Allies and took on Chinese and Iranian military advisors, as well as equipping their troops with better-made Russian hardware. During the last six months, they have liberated 95% of Iraq with no US help whatsoever.

        What's left of ISIS in Iraq is trapped in Mosul, a city near the Turkish and Syrian borders. Using the threat of a Turkish incursion, Iraq reluctantly agreed to US participation in the attack on Mosul. The Pentagon has rushed in about 1,000 or so troops---all representing diversity no doubt---to give Obama a good photo-op as the Liberator of the Iraqi People. Mostly thus far, the US troops have been restricted to base because civilian snipers have been taking pot-shots at them. Pro-American sentiment isn't running very high in Iraq right now.

        General Stanley Votel, the commander-in-chief of CENTCOM and arguably the most incompetent of all Obama's generals is leading the operation. The Battle of Mosul hasn't even started, and it has already been a disaster. 

         First, Votel has managed to telegraph to the press---and consequently to ISIS---most of his plans and timetables. ISIS is spending the time judiciously: killing several of their enemies and booby-trapping, mining, and barricading Mosul as much as possible. On Monday they took time off from these labors to demolish the historic Church of St. Barbara with dynamite.

           Votel's next move, on orders from Obama, was to establish a safe space, or a corridor guarded by US troops and warplanes by which noncombatants could evacuate Mosul before the attack. To no one's surprise other than Votel's, ISIS soldiers have been fleeing down this corridor by the hundreds. According to Kurdish Militia commanders, an estimated 7-10 thousand Jihadists have evacuated Mosul already. Most likely they went for the Syrian border---about 75 miles away---to reinforce their comrades in Raqqa and Deir Ezzur.

            As if this were not enough, Votel is discovering to his mortification that he can't make the Turkish forces leave Iraq, as he promised. The unstable Turkish leader Erdogan not only has decided against leaving Iraq; he's decided to march on Mosul himself---with or without US or Iraqi permission. Erdogan dislikes the Kurds even more than ISIS; as Mosul is in Kurdish lands, the problem is obvious.

            Obama and his Rainbow-Pride Military have managed, in just a few short weeks, to turn two years of Allied efforts into a quagmire. Yes, Mosul will be liberated. But it will be in spite of---not because of---any US 'help'.

            Ultimately, this is not going to end well for the US Military and will be yet another blot on the Obama Administration's disgraceful foreign policy blunders. His bungling---intentionally or otherwise---is also going to protract the Syrian Civil War by several months. But the American public would rather sit in their hookah lounges pontificating on Donald Trump's sexuality than to worry much about ISIS.

                                           "I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help!"

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