Tuesday, October 25, 2016


    In the Postmodern United States, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is---despite the best efforts of vested interests--- still enshrined in the Constitution. In spite of this, it is almost unheard of here in the Prozac Nation that any Corporate Media outlet ever publishes anything in defense of the Second Amendment. Of course, when US Media figures call for gun control, they never mean disarming themselves. The most notorious example being California---where the media is specifically exempt from California's extremely strict firearms laws.

      So imagine the surprise of actually seeing an editorial today encouraging people to buy and use firearms for their own protection. Even more surprising was the fact that it appeared in China's The Global Times---which is not only a state-run media outlet; it is the official news outlet of the CPC: China's ruling party. The editorial was so popular, it actually scored among the top Twitter feeds today.

     The story covered a demonstration in Philadelphia last weekend where about 2,000  Chinese-Americans staged a protest---many of whom were armed. Apparently there has been a wave of anti-Chinese violence in Philadelphia and elsewhere, especially from American Blacks. It appears that some socially conscious rap musician---a thug from Compton calling himself 'YG'---has been encouraging young Blacks to target Chinese people and businesses. 

     But instead of imitating the American Media and demanding tougher gun laws, the editors at The Global Times recommend:

     "Chinese in the US are increasingly aware that they may need to defend themselves. This awareness should be encouraged...Law Enforcement should always be called when appropriate, but keeping yourself safe is a basic personal responsibility. In the US this potentially does mean keeping and learning how to use a firearm."

       Imagine an American news editor actually saying that. And even moreso, criticizing the rest of the media for not saying it:

        "There should be more awareness and discussion in China about the situation in foreign countries. The Chinese Media should be reporting on these issues extensively. The understanding that you might need a gun to protect yourself or your family or your livelihood in some parts of the US is nonexistent. Chinese moving to the US shouldn't be under any illusions: You might need to have a gun and use it someday. If that isn't part of your calculation when considering moving to the US; then you are being irresponsible and putting yourself at risk. The simple fact is that a good portion of the US population has guns; including many criminals. Ignoring that fact doesn't make it go away."

      The article also cites instances of Chinese-Americans successfully protecting themselves with firearms.

        What this article really reveals, however, is the sad fact that a Chinese reporter sitting in an office in Beijing is more grounded in reality than most of the so-called 'journalists' who were actually born and educated here in the US. And add to that the fact that the Corporate Media has gotten so bad here that, not only do we have to turn to foreign sources for actual news, even their Op-Ed pages do a better job than ours.

        So, saluting our friends in China, we conclude by recommending to those in the market for a reliable self-defense weapon, the Norinco CF-98 9mm automatic. Proudly made in China, it's the export version the standard Chinese police handgun. Like most Chinese weapons, it's not fancy but it is efficient. Purchasing a Norinco not only takes a bite out of crime; it takes a bite out of the Corporate Media too.

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