Saturday, October 29, 2016


     While we here have not endorsed anyone for US President; we feel that it is abundantly clear that under no circumstances should Hilary Clinton become the next president. The intrepid Julian Assange and others, through their researches have proven that everything negative we've suspected about the Clinton Machine had a basis in fact. The Clintons are under investigation yet again; with an FEC investigation very likely on the way. And there is still questions surrounding the still-unsolved murder of Seth Rich.

      Which really leaves Donald Trump as the last man standing, so to speak. Yes, there are other candidates. But Jill Stein (Green Party) and Darrell Castle (Constitution Party) are on the ballot in less than half the states. The Libertarian Party duo of Gary Johnson and William Weld are hardly appealing alternatives to Trump. On many social issues they are closer to Hilary Clinton than to traditional libertarians; and Johnson has proven himself repeatedly to be an utter ignoramus on geopolitical issues.

      Nonetheless, The Donald is not without considerable flaws; some so critical in many Conservative minds that resistance has grown with our own ranks. Collectively, it is called the Never-Trump Movement, although there are really roughly four main factions of them:

        1. The Old Guard. These are the Reaganite Republicans who see Trump as the antithesis to Reagan's example. They typically are rightly concerned with Trump's appeal to the extremist Alt-Right and his rejection of the 'Big Tent' approach. They also point to Trump's seeming disdain for Constitutional procedure, which was a hallmark of Reagan's Administration.

         2. The Traditionalists, or 'Social Conservatives' as they are known in the media. This group is justifiably concerned with Trump's lack of regard for traditionalist social issues. As we've mentioned here, there's an eerily cultish aspect to the Alt-Right, which is not liable to set well with Conservatives concerned with upholding America's traditionally Christian values.

           3. The Conspiritorialists. Glenn Beck is fairly representative of this group. They hold, rightly, that Trump's past behavior and speeches are at a concerning level of variance with what he says today. With several variations, they commonly believe that Trump is a Stalking Horse candidate whose motives are in tandem with the corrupt Elite.

            4. The RINOs. While we have some sympathy for the first three groups; the Republican Establishment gets no pity from us at all. They complain about Trump's base today---when for decades they willingly cultivated and exploited them, giving them nothing in return. This is a group that was probably Republican because they hadn't the same opportunities for power and graft with the Democrats. The Bush Family and media figures like Karl Rove and Michael Medved are examples of RINOs.

            Yet here we reach a conundrum. Those who cannot back Trump as a matter of principle cannot reasonably back Clinton either. We think that there are two courses of action really open to us here.

            1. Should Trump get elected, spend the next four years fighting the Alt-Right and promoting traditionalist values in the run-up to 2020.

             2. In any case, use your vote to elect Conservative Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and local officials. They are the first line of defense stopping extremist Beltway policies---whether coming from the Far Left or the Far Right.

             That is probably the best course of action to take on November 8th. Don't be put off by worries of 'how Trump will govern.' The Government is more than a president. If the 2016 election has taught us anything; it's that lack of self-government produces candidates like Trump and Clinton. Let's make 2016 a turning-point that it doesn't happen again.


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