Tuesday, October 25, 2016


    The Manosphere's Game Cult teaches its disciples many anti-Christian heresies while painting it as 'new' or 'revealed' Christian 'truths'. The Cult calls their conversion experience "taking the Red Pill", an allusion to a scene in the 90s B-Grade film, The Matrix. In that film, a red-colored narcotic allowed its imbiber to 'see the truth' behind an artificially-created social façade. The Gamers apply the metaphor to all their social theories. The result is that anything that contradicts Game is seen by them as part of the Cultural Narrative, a falsehood imposed on society to cover up the 'Truth'. This is, of course, simply re-designed Marxist social theory.

       The Gamers are importing this mindset into Christianity, and preaching a plethora of new doctrines that thousands of years of Christian scholarship has somehow missed. One such teaching appeared today on the Game Cult blog, Chateau Heartiste.

        In an article titled, Comment of the Week: Jesus Found a People, Heartiste highlights two spiritual insights from a pair of his disciples who inform us that the white races of NW Europe are God's Chosen peoples.

         "The NW European White man's unique idolization of truth-seeking preconfigured his relationship with Christianity." Heartiste affirms. "Religions are as likely to emerge from, or seek out, the genetic substrate of a people, as a people are to be changed by the moral code and tenets of their new religion. Mutually reinforcing feedback loops intensify the attraction between a race and a religion."

          This is somewhat at variance with the New Testament, where St. John the Apostle informs us that "But as many as received Him, to those He gave power to become the Sons of God; to those who believe in His Name. Those were born not of a bloodline, nor through the desires of the flesh, nor through the will of man, but instead by the Will of God." To underscore this point, St. Luke also records that the first converts were from the Middle East, Greece, and Eastern Africa---where the most ancient Christian communities survive to this day. It also seems to have escaped Heartiste's attention that the Vatican is not in Northwestern Europe; and that the largest population of Christians happens to be in Latin America, with the second largest in Eastern Europe and Russia.

         "Unique idolization of truth-seeking" seems a bit of a strange choice of words, given that the Bible is rather hostile towards idolatry. And this includes racial idolatry.

        What the Game Cult is actually preaching is not some new, advanced philosophy; but a social atavism to pre-Christian thought. It is a well-known fact that human civilization in its infancy was characterized by racialism, tribalism, and idolatry. The Cross of Christ represented a unifying force welcoming all peoples everywhere to aspire to ideals higher than those of the material senses. To the Game Cult, the Cross is barely more spiritually significant than a totem pole; a boundary marker delineating the spiritual territory of a certain clan.

         What Heartiste actually means when he claims that religions seek out the genetic substrate of a people is that the Holy Spirit touches only those who, by purely human definitions, are inherently superior to others. This is a logical extension of the Game Cult theory of the Alpha Male, who becomes a superior man after taking the Red Pill. It is an idea antithetical to Christianity to say the least.

         Taking the Red Pill doesn't open anyone's eyes to the Truth. Instead, it blinds those who swallow it to everything other than what its metaphorical pushers want them to believe. In this respect, the symbol of a narcotic agent is an apt one for the Game Cult's version of truth. It has the same effect of dumbing-down and creating dependence that most other narcotics have.   


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