Tuesday, October 4, 2016


     The Red Pill Game Cult, which has co-opted much of the Manosphere and making a determined attempt to insinuate itself into American Christendom and Conservatism, has a heavy presence in the so-called Alt-Right. One of the leaders of the cult, who writes under the name of Chateau Heartiste wrote a commentary of sorts on another article from an Alt-Right site. Heartiste proclaimed this article a work of genius for its explanation of why Donald Trump is among the greatest of American heroes:

       "Trump is the emblem of the shiv-right revolution, a reification of genuine hope and change. But the man himself is more than a talisman or mystical avatar to propel and strengthen the righteous rebel alliance against the anti-White Empire."

        As of evidence of this, Heartiste reproduces in its entirety an article from MPC "which explains in clear, blunt language why Trump deserves to be considered a great man." We are only going to comment on a few excerpts from this intolerably tedious farrago, anyone who cares to may see the full text elsewhere. But it is deeply illustrative of the philosophy and general thought processes of Red Pill political and social thinking. When we see, for example the author's avatar:

  we can likely guess where the argument is going. And the preamble gives us a specimen of the intellectual capacity behind it:

       "This got long and rambling. Worst of all for MPC, it got sincere. Real as f---, yo. But hell with it: For all its Vox Day-ness, 'SWJs always lie' is damn good stuff. Never apologize. Never surrender. Especially never surrender the narrative." 

      Following this auspicious beginning, which essentially translates into: 'Don't believe anything unless we tell you to', he goes on to compare The Donald to Washington, Roosevelt, and Reagan. The gist of his argument seems to be that Trump is making some heroic sacrifice by running for president.

        "I have not a word of criticism." he fanatically states, "Every scandal faded when he ignored it. The entire media elite on both sides has held him only to a tight race...Be as Alpha as you like, be as silver-tongued and fearless as you like. Any one of is---anybody else---would have long since broken. It's been a year and a half and every day from every side, Trump has been under unremitting, vicious, and downright depraved attack."

        This excerpt, along with many in the article like it,  show the pedestalization of the Alpha Male in which the Manospherians reflexively engage. It also happens not to be true. Trump has been in the media spotlight for nearly 40 years. The author rhapsodizes further:

       "There's no reason in hell to do this. For all the s---lib conspiracy theories, he has the favors, the connections to get out of any supposed debt or legal tangle. He's been good friends with the Clintons, the Bushes, the Kennedys, and a dozen others. His name, his family, his company, his legacy, his health, his pride, his history, his life---both his literal and social life---all thrown on the altar."

        To a less obsequious mind, these things might indicate instead that Trump may not quite be the 'outsider' he claims to be. But to this type of infatuation, there's no other explanation because, according to Game, the Alphas are always above reproach in their motives. That is, even when:

      "I don't care if he ain't couth. I don't care if he had every wife in Christendom, or missteps ten or ten thousand times, or doesn't hand me everything I want on a silver platter."

      Because the mark of the Alpha is not to care about his character---only his image. To this mindset, character counts for nothing---success and power count for everything. We see here what the Game Cult affinity for Trump really amounts to: Trump is a man who knows how to game the system. It's not really about personal sacrifice as Heartiste and the author suggests. They admire Trump because he cares nothing for character and principle and is beating the Elites with their own tactics. That's the whole essence of Red Pill philosophy.

       And in the middle of all this hero-worship, the author interjects his vision of the national danger from which Trump is saving us:

        "A year and a half ago, every c---swinging deplorable was j------ off to Teddy Cruz or ready to suck it up and vote Jeb. So we could get our amnesty with a side of guacamole before we ran to some f----- hideyhole. Maybe let our kids turn ten before the jigs moved in next to the spics. So that we could huddle down and enjoy the decline. Maybe catch a piece or two of blue-haired vagina while the Romes our fathers built rotted and burned."

       The preceding excerpt was as deep into the issues of the day as the author ever got. Heartiste and his disciplines were full of effusive applause for this lofty expression of idealism. Whatever else it is, traditional American idealism it is not.

       Twenty years ago, GOP candidate Robert Dole had the slogan "Character Matters." Eight years ago, John McCain stressed expressed 'Substance Over Symbolism'. But the Smart Boys laugh in their sleeves at two decorated war heroes because 'character and substance don't win elections.' Tell that to Ronald Reagan---among others.

        Elections come and go but ideals are permanent. The Cult of the Superman; the Worship of Success and Force; the attitude of entitlement that the Red Pills/Alt-Right promote---these things have come and gone too; with disastrous results. They don't belong anywhere in the American political landscape except on the fringes where they were once relegated. Let's hope at this point that 2020 will see better options.


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