Monday, October 3, 2016


    The masks are finally coming off in the Middle East. Yesterday, the Beltway unilaterally suspended Syrian peace talks with Russia---peace talks that Obama has never bothered to honor---and has decided "to pursue contingency plans," according to White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

       Secretary of State John Kerry, whose duplicity was exposed   earlier this week, was quick to blame the Allies. In September, Kerry had falsely accused the Allies of a suspicious attack on a humanitarian aid convoy the day after Coalition jets accidentally attacked a Syrian Army position in Deir Ezzur---inflicting 200 casualties and permitting an ISIS counter-offensive. Yesterday, a US airstrike destroyed five bridges in Deir Ezzur; which according to Syrian generals allowed ISIS to escape across the first while cutting off the army's pursuit.

     John Kirby, spokesman for the State Department nonetheless huffed that "Russia failed to live up to its own commitments...and was also unwilling or unable to ensure Syrian regime forces' adherence to the arrangements to which Moscow had agreed." This, the day after Obama's so-called moderate rebels attacked the city of Hama with over 100 GRAD missiles causing a yet unknown number of civilian casualties.

    Kirby also stated that the gender-neutral Pentagon would withdraw its 'commandoes'. Turkish President Erdogan however had already done that after US forces' poltroonery in front of the Turkish Army made the Pentagon an international laughing-stock again.

    Along with these crimes came the exposure that the Wahhabi CIA chief was covertly arming the Jihadists. The Allied forces have made significant gains in Aleppo in spite of US interference---it could well be that Obama sees the inevitable doom of his Syria Policy and hopes to shift the problem onto the next Administration.

    There are many pundits and writers who suggest that US withdrawal from the Syrian Peace Talks is a prelude to some 'October Surprise' or the escalation of American involvement in the Syrian Civil War. This is doubtful given the history and treacherous character of the Obama Administration. As we've seen in Libya, Ukraine, and the South China Sea, this Administration's policy has been to engage in brinkmanship to the point of actual war; but once their bluff has been called, to slink away leaving their 'partners' in the lurch while they themselves 'pivot' somewhere else.

      The more likely scenario is that the Syrian Civil War will disappear in the Corporate Media until January, when Obama's successor is sworn in. Syria by then may have already been fully liberated, leaving Russia, Iran, China, and Turkey the dominant powers in Middle East with America's influence there irreparably damaged.

        Thus, this move by the White House most probably amounts to a de facto US surrender in Syria---in a war which was never declared, never legally conducted, and came to absolutely nothing after causing scores of thousands of casualties and costing scores of billions of US tax dollars. A fitting climax to the Obama Legacy which has been marked everywhere by offering hope and change and concluding in a cesspool of chaos, bloodshed, poverty, and corruption.


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