Tuesday, October 11, 2016


    While the US Corporate Media is busily fanning outrage over Donald Trump's lewd remarks about women---while simultaneously slobbering over Blac Chyna's nude photos on the cover of some tabloid---some troubling news emerged from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. The IHME, which conducts global studies on world health for the United Nations, found that Maternal Mortality Rates (the number of women per 100,000 who die in childbirth) had declined worldwide. That is, with the exception of the United States.

     Rates of MMR in fact have doubled in the US since 1990 to 26.4%---higher by far than most industrialized countries. Some individual US states have MMRs comparable to Latin American countries. To put this number in perspective, consider the average for Western Europe is 2.1%. All of Western Europe combined in 2015 registered 315 mothers dying in childbirth, with 340 in Russia, compared to 1,063 in the United States. In fact, while US MMRs have increased 100% since 1990, Russia's has decreased 75% during the same period.

       And not only compared to Europe: note that the MMR is 17.7% in China, 20.8% in Iran, 16.2% in the Palestinian Authority, 20% in Thailand, and 15.6% in Vietnam. The US is actually between those of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. It would seem that the US' vaunted greatest healthcare system in the world, isn't so great after all.

       The study commended China and Turkey for "receiving very little international funding," yet meeting the goals reducing MMRs set by the UN. The authors stated that "these gains are likely due to national policy changes and strengthening the healthcare system." In other words, the Chinese and Turkish governments saw a problem and did something about it. US politicians not only have no policy in place, they don't even acknowledge that the problem exists. Instead, they funnel more money and power to the Abortion Racketeers and promote homosexual 'marriage' and adoption.

        Lack of political will isn't the only reason behind our high MMRs. The high rates of narcotic consumption; high rates of obesity and malnutrition; and Feminist social pressure to delay childbirth as long as possible are doubtless contributing factors as well.

        But for all the Feminist talk of a War on Women, and all the Manosphere talk of a Female Imperative, there seems to be very little concern about actually doing anything to bring maternal survival levels down to what they were in the 1980s. It really ought to be a source of shame and mortification to Americans to realize that a woman has a lesser chance of dying in childbirth in China; while there's more aggressive maternal care programs enacted in Turkey. While we applaud the progress both those countries are making; it's a deplorable fact that the US---the world leader in reproductive health technologies throughout most of the 20th Century---is seeing an increase in MMR.

         It's unlikely that the problem will be addressed by US politicians any time soon. After all, the dead don't vote; and they don't have lobbies and PACs either.





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