Saturday, October 29, 2016


     October 29th marks six months that our blog has been in operation; hopefully assisting in some meaningful way to reverse the threats to our civilization and culture, and hopefully living up to the points made in our first article.

      Many bloggers have since linked to our blog and articles and several articles have been remarkably widely viewed from all across the globe. We look forward to another six months' public service and thank everyone for their patronage of this site.

      In this article, we are going to post synopses of our Top Ten articles (actually 11 since there was a tie for 10th place). The rankings come from the number of page-views recorded for each. We'll include the date of publication, if anyone wishes to reference them in the Archives here.

       One of the interesting features of this survey was that one topic was predominant: exposure of the Internet cult known as Game, or the Red Pill Philosophy. This group has infiltrated the Men's Rights Movement, the political Conservative movement, several churches---and has become quite prominent in media, pop culture, and especially in Internet and social networking venues.

        One reason why this topic was widely read, we believe, is because there are very few sites which cover this cult from a Traditionalist or Conservative perspective. There are many sites critical of the Red Pills; however most of these are Feminist or Leftist politically and socially. What the numbers illustrate is that there is keen interest in Conservative, Christian, and Traditionalist circles on this topic. Hopefully, these numbers will inspire others to challenge the Game/Red Pill narrative as well.

          Here then, are the most popular posts---chosen by our readers:

1. The Red Pills and Domestic Violence (July 26th). This article was written in response to a Game Cult attack on Christian blogger Mary Kassian. Mary had advised one of her female commenters that submission to domestic violence and abuse was not Biblical; and the Gamers argued the contrary.

2. Obama's Proxies in the Philippines (May 26th). An article exposing Obama's rigging of the Filipino Presidential elections in favor of Rodrigo Duterte: a savage killer and anti-Catholic bigot. Since this article was published, Obama and Duterte have had a falling out. Sadly, however, our predictions for the future of the Filipino people are coming true.

3. The Dallas Shooting (July 8th). A short and pointed article that was widely linked on other blogs; written the day after the brutal ambush and murder of 12 Dallas police officers. The article's point was to illustrate that our societal abandonment of male guidance is correlated to these violent incidents.

4. The Ministry of Propaganda (May 12th). This article concerned a Bill proposed in Congress to create a new Federal bureaucracy designed to counter alleged 'anti-government propaganda' by setting up government-controlled internet sites. The Bill is still pending.

5. Red Pill Redux (July 26th). This was the sequel to #1. The Gamers further attacked Mary Kassian and this article addressed their new controversies.

6. The Red Pill Cult Again Endorses Domestic Violence (October 6th) The Red Pill/Game Cult has made a practice of attacking other Christian blogs under the pretense of supporting 'Biblical headship'; or the Christian family paradigm. They were at it again this month; again arguing that domestic violence was Biblically-based.

7. What's Wrong With This Picture? (May 11th). This was another short, but pointed article; the first of several we've written exposing Corporate Media yellow journalism and lack of credibility in the current crisis with North Korea.

8. The Red Pills and Sexual Politics (August 2nd). This article examined and debunked the Game Cult myth of so-called 'Sexual Market Value'; a concept which, sadly, has gone mainstream. We exposed the origin of the doctrine, which was originally rooted in Marxism.

9. Vox Throws Tantrum Over Infogalactic Reviews (October 19th). On October 10th, Game Cult blogger Vox Day announced the launch of a new site called Infogalactic, which he boasted would replace Wikipedia as the Internet's premier online encyclopedia. Outside of the Manosphere, Infogalactic was received mostly with degrading silence or hooted down with derision on Technology and Science-Fiction blogs. Vox experienced something of an online meltdown; lashing out at his critics. The tantrums were continuing as recently as yesterday.

10. (tie) The Real O'Nothings (May 31st). An article exposing that the Cultural Marxists' much-ballyhooed Catholic-bashing, pro-homosexual television series, The Real O'Neals, has been a ratings and commercial flop: mostly hanging on due to ABC's willingness to subsidize it for political correctness' sake. The show's online approval rating hovers between a pathetic 60-70% (equivalent approximately to a 2-star movie rating). When this article was published, there was talk of cancelling the show because advertisers were losing money. In spite of that, ABC has brought it back for another season.

10. (tie) Red Pills, Red States, and the Red Nightmare (June 7th). The Game Cult, which promotes racialist theories as well as religious heresies, circulated an article published by Vox Day claiming that "your skin color is your uniform'' a phrase that Vox has repeated several times since. This article exposed that Game Cult racial theories are simply Marxist class-struggle theories which have been modified; and debunked the myth that racial segregation actually preserves civilization.


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