Sunday, October 30, 2016


     It's a common trait of cults to isolate its followers by demonizing the outside world and forming isolated enclaves where their leaders can spew their nonsense and censor opposing views. In the old days, their disciples would pack up their Conestoga Wagons and shuffle off to compounds, awaiting the Apocalypse that never happened. These days, they carve out safe spaces on the Internet.

      Frustrated that their continued trolling attempts in social media have been blocked by user policies, the Manosphere's Game Cult has been creating alternative sites which they claim are free from the Cultural Narrative and which they boast will actually replace current social media outlets. Of course, in these new venues, only those who've taken the Red Pill may decide what is politically-correct and what is not. To that end, Game Cult leader Vox Day has engineered several unsuccessful enterprises. Among them are Castalia House Publishing, which allows Red Pills to promote their publications free of industry standards and Infogalactic, which allows the Gamers to skew encyclopedic knowledge to suit their own beliefs.

      Today, Vox was promoting Gab, another site that no one outside of Alt-Right extremists have ever heard of. This site is supposedly going to overthrow Twitter; which has irked many Red Pills by banning them for trolling, harassment, and other violations. As proof of Gab's supposed superiority over Twitter, Vox triumphantly highlights today that Gab's users are free to indulge in racism and Jew-baiting with no fear of backlash.

       "Imagine a world without fear." Vox rhapsodizes, "Imagine speaking without self-censorship or cowering before the thought police."

       Actually, the Nazis figured this out long before their Manosphere descendants-in-spirit did. The Nazis created a Ministry of Propaganda and Culture precisely so that their views could be promoted without fear of censorship. To accomplish this, they had to create a thought police of their own; but, like the Red Pills, they had Truth on their side, so it's not really censorship, right?

       Vox presents two memes which show us how the new Red Pill-driven media would look, which say:

       "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" and "All hail the Trumpening and the election of the God-Emperor Trump! MAGA!" The last phrase referring to a bit of evo-psych flummery recently published by Vox' confederate, Mike Cernovich (at Castalia House, of course).

        There are some who argue that these Red Pill safe spaces may not be a bad thing. They argue that these cyber enclaves will keep these trolls out of mainstream venues where they can do no harm to anyone else. If only that were true. Most likely, these enclaves will work as incubators for the Game Cult's perverse doctrines---adding reinforcement to the ideologies promoted on their blog sites. Unwary readers who don't realize that Castalia House, Infogalactic, and Gab may not realize the cultish interests behind the information they present. Much like the unwary now often mistake the pseudo-Christianity of the Game Cult for the real thing.

       Like the Moonies, Scientologists, Satanists, and others; the Game Cult needs to camouflage its message to gain converts and keep its real agenda discreetly out of sight. Likewise, it needs to discredit or block opposing views that counter their falsehoods. That's what's really behind these so-called 'alternative mediums'. As always, see who's feeding the information before making a decision.


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