Thursday, October 20, 2016


   In yesterday's developments in the Battle of Mosul, Iraqi commando units breached ISIS defenses and took the town of Qaraqosh in the Mosul suburbs. Prior to the ISIS takeover, Qaraqosh was home to Iraq's largest Christian population, with seven historic churches in the town.

     It is unknown at this point what damage the Terrorists have caused in Qaraqosh, but the news of the town's liberation caused a celebration at the Erbil Displaced Persons' Camp. Erbil houses Iraqi Christians who fled from Qaraqosh and Mosul. Christians gathered around the makeshift Erbil Church where they offered prayers of thanksgiving, sang hymns, and displayed candles.

     Iraqi journalist Hazim Cardoni, himself a Christian participated in the ceremonies. "Today is a happy moment." he reported in Iran's Tasnim News, "There is no doubt that our land will be liberated and we thank God, Jesus Christ, and the Virgin Mary that our prayers have been answered."

     Iraqi commandos are clearing Qaraqosh of ISIS booby-traps and pockets of Terrorist resistance. The fanatics are using human shields and suicide bombs, but Allied commanders claim that the Terrorist counterattacks have been successfully repelled.

     "We have surrounded the entire district," said Iraqi General Riyadh Tawfiq, commander of the Qaraqosh Sector, "There has been some resistance, some fighting, they are sending car bombs against us, but it will not help them."

       Meanwhile, the LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon, whose forces are part of the 'Coalition', commented through its spokesman Jeff Davis that "The battle for Mosul is a very ugly fight. We have known for weeks now that civilians have been forcibly detained." Seriously, the Pentagon has known this 'for weeks'. Yet, the Obama Administration pressured the Iraqi Government to delay operations against Mosul 'for several weeks'. Many foreign analysts believe that Obama intentionally delayed the Battle of Mosul until October to score political points for Democratic candidates in the November elections.

      At any rate, Obama's policies have benefitted ISIS and allowed such a number of them to escape that the Russian Defense Ministry issued a formal protest yesterday.

      In other war news, Allied forces are reportedly pushing back ISIS defensive positions in the Tigris River Valley Sector. Civilian partisans inside Mosul have reportedly attacked and burned down one the buildings employed as a headquarters for ISIS commanders. A unconfirmed report states that ISIS' Chief of Police in Mosul was shot and killed by a civilian sniper. There have been no reports from the Northern Sectors today.

       In Syria, nearly 1,000 Al-Qaeda surrendered to Allied forces in the rural districts of Damascus, and several hundred surrendered in Aleppo. Al-Qaeda forces in Aleppo are trapped in the Northeast Quadrant and believed to be running short of supplies and ammunition.

                                   Iraqi Christians Celebrate the Liberation of Qaraqosh

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