Saturday, October 22, 2016


      It seems that the Red Pill/Game Cult's alternative to Wikipedia, Infogalactic, is getting off to shaky start. Outside of Manosphere blogs, Infogalatic has been ignored mostly; and roundly panned where it hasn't. To the Alpha ego, this is a most uncomfortable state of affairs. On the Game Cult blog Alpha Game Plan, Infogalatic's leader, Vox Day explains how he valiantly thwarted an attempted infiltration by a so-called 'Gamma Male'. Recall, in context, that the Red Pills claim to be defenders of men's rights.

     To the Gamers, though, all men are not created equal. In their paradigms, Alphas are the Ubermenschen with a descending order of subhuman males designated as Betas, Gammas, Omegas, and various others: culminating at the very bottom with women, blacks, and Jews. So when Vox was recently solicited for a position on Infogalactic, his "fairly sensitive Gamma radar" led him to detect an Untouchable after the prospective employee contacted him after being ignored for over a week.

       Vox explains to the readers that contacting him was 'understandable' but trying to scrub thousands of pirated Wikipedia articles is a time-consuming undertaking.

       Vox replied as follows: "First you need to lose the attitude if you want to work with us. I had three hours of sleep last night, because in addition to launching Infogalactic eight days ago, I just edited and published two books this week, one of which is currently on the Top 250 at Amazon. If you can't deal with the fact that the big dogs on this project are insanely busy, then you won't fit in. There simply isn't space for divas and egos on the team. Answering the 100s of e-mails I get every day is something I do when I can get to it. It's not the top priority."

        That passage is certainly a telling display of Alpha humility; especially coming from someone complaining loudly just a few days ago about the "Wikipedia rules-mongering where the spirit of the law is defeated by...the expert Wikipedian."

       It's also quite that, in the last eight days, Vox managed to publish at least two dozen blog posts, troll the websites of Infogalactic's critics, and even engage in a lengthy text battle with offended prospective employee---the bulk of which text Vox detailed for his disciples today. And, as that weren't enough, he doxxed the guy on Vox Populi, putting out his web address so that he could be tormented by the Red Pills' notorious troll armies.

      Vox defends all this by warning his disciples that they must always be on guard against 'Gammas', like his unfortunate prospective employee. "I would have let it go." Vox wails, "But the Gamma concerned simply couldn't resist taking it public. Gammas...not only sabotage others, they tend to sabotage initial impression about him proved to be correct. In spades."

      This coming again from someone who asserted recently that "Wikipedia maintains 531 thought police to enforce the Narrative."

     "This is why it is best to avoid having Gammas on your team. You have absolutely no idea what will set them off, but you can rest assured that something will trigger their insecurities at some point along the way, usually to disruptive effect."

     Which statement is psychological projection, or nothing ever was. What Vox has illustrated most clearly here is that he is an extreme narcissist, a bully, and given to fits of petty vindictiveness. In fact, his attitude comes much closer to the so-called Gamma Archetype that he despises.

       Most importantly, though, he's given us yet another insight into the moving spirit behind Infogalactic. This is why cultists like the Red Pills always have to hide behind ruses: they always claim to be purifying some venue they wish to co-opt: e.g., the Men's Rights Movement, Christianity, the Conservative Movement, and now, Wikipedia. In every case, they've proven themselves more fanatically politically-correct and intolerant of opposition than the 'corrupted' institutions ever were. Infogalatic won't be any different.


  1. The "manosphere/red pill/game/alpha/whatever it's called" is just a dumbed down version of Frederich Nietszche's existentialism.

    However I personally want to try to lead the site in another direction from that, simply so that the rampant progressive bias and corruption issues on Wikipedia have an alternative, you have to pick your poison.

    1. Well, I hope that you'll succeed, though it will be an uphill fight with Vox Day in control. Keep us posted, though.