Tuesday, October 18, 2016


      Allied Intelligence sources reported this morning that armed civilian resistance inside Mosul is rapidly spiraling out of ISIS' control. Last night, a group of armed 'youths' attacked the ISIS encampment in the Al-Qahera District, killing two terrorists and forcing the others to retreat. Al-Qahera housed an ISIS base preparing suicide car-bombs. The civilians destroyed the vehicles and captured a cache of weapons and explosives.

        Intelligence sources also report that two more ISIS generals were shot and killed by civilian snipers in Southeastern Mosul. Allied forces captured six more suburban in the same area.

        The Iraqis are once again proving to effete Western Liberals that the principles of our 2nd Amendment really work in actual practice.

        In other developments, Allied forces executed a brilliant maneuver north of Mosul, capturing the main road between Mosul and Turkish-occupied Baishqa. Militias have reportedly blockaded Baishqa as well---keeping the treacherous Erdogan at bay and out of the Battle for Mosul. Iraqi forces also captured an oil field before ISIS soldiers could sabotage it.

      It was also announced that the Iraqi Air Force demolished the camp housing ISIS' notorious female suicide-bomb unit. Likewise, they destroyed a 30-truck ISIS convoy preparing to escape down Obama's so-called safe passage zone. The Syrian Military High Command issued a statement today denouncing the Beltway's duplicity and calling upon Iraqi Allied militias to obstruct ISIS passage into Syrian territory. Russia that it would increase air patrols over the border region.

       Allied forces also liberated the historic Nimrod District in Northeastern Mosul yesterday. Nimrod is home to relics and monuments dating back to the Assyrian Empire and Old Testament times. Sadly, a team of specialists accompanying the troops reported that two years of ISIS looting and vandalism have devastated the site---listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The professors stated to the press that damage to the priceless monuments "was extensive," exceeding even ISIS' other crimes against our common cultural heritage in Homs and Palmyra, Syria. The Wahhabi Cult, to which ISIS subscribes, has no respect for human cultural artifacts. Their cult leaders teach that all religious symbols outside their perverted beliefs are offensive, regardless of their antiquity or cultural significance. This hatred for Civilization is what binds the Wahhabis ideologically with the Western Left, and why they mutually support one another.

        The 2nd day of the Battle of Mosul has thus far been a success. The Iraqi Army has reported light casualties, without giving numbers. They have also reported that ISIS resistance thus far has been weaker than expected; and that battle-plans are progressing according to schedule.

                                       Iraqi Citizens Evict ISIS from their Neighborhood.
                                               Remember this Photo when US Politicians
                                                          Propose Gun Control Again.

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