Wednesday, October 26, 2016


     It's a noteworthy social phenomenon that the power of cults seems to be strongest wherever a community has a high percentage of drug addicts and homosexuals. So it is not surprising that Satanic cults have a significant public presence in the Pacific Northwest. Especially in Portland, Oregon (4th worst drug addiction rate and 9th per capita homosexual population) and Seattle, Washington (#1 in both categories). In both these once-great cities, a Satanic cult called the Temple of Satan has been actively trying to establish Satanist recruiting in elementary schools---with the full blessing of local politicians and media, incidentally.

       When we consider that both Portland's former mayor and Oregon's top DNC fundraiser were indicted for sexual relations with underage boys; and that Seattle has professed Communists on their City Council, we have an excellent gauge as to the general character of both cities. 

         In spite of these advantages, however, the Satanists were frustrated in their attempts to launch pilot after-school programs in two schools. In Portland, a protest staged on October 19th forced the Sacramento Elementary School Administration and their cultic confederates to postpone indefinitely opening the Satanic after-school club. Around two hundred protestors---mostly from Portland's ethnic Indochinese and Latin American communities---organized a demonstration and prayer vigil outside the school. The ultra-PC Portland leadership was a bit flummoxed over this dilemma---how to attack Christians without offending ethnic groups was a conundrum they couldn't overcome.

        Meanwhile, in the Seattle area, the cult's plot to plant its operatives at Mount Vernon Elementary School was blocked after the school board there announced that there would be no openings for new groups until mid-2017. Frustrated in their designs, the cult shifted its target to Port Defiance Elementary School in Tacoma. Bishop Michael Doss---who is Black---has organized a dozen local church leaders and families in Tacoma's largely black neighborhoods to defeat the Satanist proposal. Bishop Doss is encouraging parents to homeschool and set up church-based alternative schooling if the Satanist plan is approved.

           Anti-Immigrant and anti-Black elements in the Alt-Right, take note. It's the 'Third World Refuse' and ' Ghetto Dindus'  whom you despise that are standing up to the native-born White Liberals who see nothing wrong with giving Satanic cults access to children under 12. Think about this fact very carefully.

         Satanic cult leader Lilith Starr of Seattle angrily told Q-13 News that it simply isn't fair that Christians get to have after-school events while Satanists are excluded. Starr elaborated on the dangers of exposing impressionable children to concepts like Divine Love and redemption, or the Ten Commandments.

         "Our groups are organized to give students the tools they need to make their own decisions." Starr protested to the credulous Seattle media, "Christians use fear tactics to make children believe in the God of the Bible. They teach that kids are sinners and worthless and going to burn in Hell for eternity."

          That our postmodern culture takes people like Lilith Starr seriously is a testimony to how low we've really sunk as a society. But fortunately there are a few Americans left whose minds haven't been crippled by drugs, the mass media, and the public schools---people who recognize the danger of Satanic cults. An online petition can be found here:

         Please sign and support movements against these cults.



  1. Wow. Here is an except I found from Lilith Starr:

    I have my own clean, tranquil, private studio with parking and shower in Ballard. I work 10 am to 7 pm daily. My rates are $120/hour

    I am a friendly, real person with a warm smile. I love giving pleasure. I work nude; no mutual touch.


    And she is actually being taken seriously in the media.

    1. Thank you for finding that. Once again, it appears, the media and the public schools prove themselves complete hypocrites.