Tuesday, June 14, 2016


    As though his words had any relevance to anything, Sheik Said al-Hussein of Jordan, who heads the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, spoke out yesterday demanding that the US adopt tighter gun control laws. Now anyone who's even remotely aware understands that Sheik Hussein, or any other UN official, doesn't dare open his mouth or lift a pinky-finger on any issue without permission from Washington. That Obama was pulling Hussein's wires is evident from the Sheik's speech, which is worded like something from the White House Press Secretary's Office.

     "It is hard to find rational justification for the ease with which people can buy firearms" His Highness pontificates, "including assault rifles, in spite of prior criminal backgrounds, drug use, histories of domestic violence or mental illness, or direct contact with extremists, foreign and domestic."

      A lot of us have wondered the same thing about Sheik Hussein's home country of Jordan. For example, who supplies all those Palestinian terrorists---who frequently attack Israel from Jordan---with weapons. And NATO just signed a fat defense contract with Jordan (which we're certain had no influence on the Sheik's statements). Part of that contract establishes CENTCOM in Jordan. Many of us here have wondered about the ease with which groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda seem to obtain advanced US-made weaponry. Many members  of those terrorist organizations also have criminal backgrounds, histories of domestic violence, mental illness and contact with extremists. His Highness continues:

      "How many more mass-killings of schoolchildren, of co-workers, of African-American churchgoers...will it take before the US adopts robust gun regulations? Why should any civilian anywhere be able to acquire assault weapons or other high-powered weapons designed to kill lots of people?" he further wails.

     We might ask of the Sheik---do you mean killing children like the 600 kids or so that Saudi Arabia has killed in Yemen? You remember that, just last week, your UN body removed Saudi Arabia from a sanctions blacklist over this very issue. Now we've been assured that that removal had nothing whatsoever to do with a major defense contract that CENTCOM was arranging with Saudi Arabia; or that the Saudi government threatened to withhold its contribution to the UNHRC unless they were removed from the list. But still, we have to wonder how many more mass-killings of schoolchildren it will take before your fellow-Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia are prevented from obtaining weapons designed to kill lots of people?

        The Sheik concludes with this bit of hypocrisy, warning Americans against "irresponsible pro-gun propaganda."

         Why any American should take anything this character says seriously defies explanation, yet some doubtless will.  Jordan does not exactly have an outstanding record on human rights itself. For example, the Jordanian government maintains close ties with the Erdogan regime in Turkey. Now the UN has so far failed to address the issue of unknown numbers of women and children taken to Turkey by ISIS and Al-Qaeda from Syria and Iraq and sold on the international slave market. But Erdogan is a Wahhabi too, just like the Jordanian and Saudi royal families, and Obama's CIA director John Brennan.

           After a Jihadi attack in Florida, why would a Wahhabi Prince whose government has ties to the same extremist groups who claimed responsibility for the attack want to disarm Americans? Well, that is a question that should answer itself.

            Maybe Americans should stop listening to irresponsible pro-Jihadist propaganda. But given the considerable stock-shares that Wahhabi royal families own in American media outlets, that is unlikely to happen.


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