Saturday, June 11, 2016


       Rodrigo Duterte, the Makapili president of the Philippines, reportedly has a million-dollar bounty on his head offered by local drug lords. This story has gathered some attention from US Media Cartels, who've developed an admiration for The Punisher. Duterte was heavily backed by Washington and Tokyo; the same who've recently supported such eccentric characters as Ukraine's Poroshenko, Turkey's Erdogan, Brazil's Temer, and various Wahhabi warlords in the Middle East.

        It's highly likely that this story is a hoax, put out by Duterte himself. The story originated in the Filipino media and is based on the testimony of Ronald de la Rosa, Duterte's nominee to head his secret police force. De la Rosa is linked by many with the Davao Death Squads and is an obsequious toady of Duterte, whom he refers to as My Father.

       Also, this story comes after some remarks from UN President, Ban Ki-Moon, who expressed concern over some of Duterte's comments endorsing extrajudicial executions and assassinating journalists. Ban, who himself has no objections to atrocities for the right price, made some rather tepid criticisms of the Filipino strongman's remarks. This caused spokesmen for the Filipino strongman to issue some denials. Hence, fabricating a story about an alleged bounty is in Duterte's interests. And assigning to it the ridiculous $1 million figure is consistent with Duterte's notorious egomania.

       In spite of the glaring inconsistencies in the bounty-story, the American Media is too infatuated with Duterte even to entertain the idea that anything he says might be a lie. It must be borne in mind that the Ameroboobs' most popular domestic law-enforcement official is the thuggish sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona Joe Arpaio. And Duterte has made statements against the Catholic Church and favorable to the Rainbow Agenda, which also qualifies him as a heroic figure in the Prozac Nation.

       Most importantly to Wall Street and to the Japanese Empire, Duterte is expected to oppose China more aggressively than his predecessor Aquino. Duterte has expressed a goal of building the Filipino military into a force which (he imagines) will have parity with the Chinese forces. And since Wall Street and the Japanese Zaibatsus have the American media firmly in their grip, it's unlikely that Duterte will ever come under much scrutiny, let alone criticism of the US government for supporting him.



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