Saturday, June 18, 2016


      Allied leaders and media announced this morning the great news that Fallujah, Iraq is now in possession of the Iraqi government after a nearly two-year ISIS occupation.

      General Raed Judat, head of the Iraqi Military Police gave a press conference this morning from the steps of Fallujah City Hall. "The city has been purged of ISIS terrorists" he stated to a cheering crowd. General Judat went on the explain that the remaining ISIS forces holding out in the Western suburbs had surrendered. The Iraqi flag was then raised over the building.

       Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi addressed the nation this morning, proclaiming a national Day of Thanksgiving after the grueling three-week battle culminated in success.

       "We congratulate all Iraqis on this victory." Abadi said, "And another victory is close, very close, God willing, in Mosul to drive the last ISIS terrorist from the Iraqi nation."

        Abadi then reached out to the thousands of displaced Iraqi citizens, assuring them of imminent return to their homes after specialists clear the city of ISIS mines and booby-traps.

         "This is your city again, and with God's help, you shall return to it." he promised.

          The governments of China and Iran, whose advisors assisted in the operations, sent their congratulations as well. "The honor of the liberation of Fallujah is the result of national solidarity and faith in God against terrorist and extremist forces." Iran's Speaker of Parliament said. "We continue in the hope that security and tranquility once again will be established in Iraq."

              Fallujah's liberation effectively split the lines of communication between Raqqa and Mosul, the two last major cities under ISIS control. Russian Intelligence Services estimate that around 80% of ISIS forces have been killed, captured, or fled since the Alliance was formed in Baghdad last September. Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and recently, Lebanon, are all contributing jointly to sweeping terrorism from the region.




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