Tuesday, June 21, 2016


    The Ameroboobs have managed to expend to date almost 10 days of outrage on the Orlando shooting, much to the enrichment of the Media Cartels' bottom lines. Even the US Senate, who recently had to authorize a sanctions-waver to buy critical rocket engines from Russia, managed to introduce and debate a gun control bill. An opportunity to infringe on liberties always gets Congress to spring into action; investing in American technology and infrastructure, not so much.

     Behind all the headlines interviewing every known relative of the suspect, and the carefully staged victims speaking out, the rest of the world has gone on. It's somewhat pointless to debate the merits or demerits of the Senate Bill; it is all political theatre and Orlando will be forgotten as soon as the Government-Media Complex encounters a new national crisis to exploit.

      Contrary to what most Ameroboobs imagine, the 2nd Amendment actually exists for a reason. It is no accident that the two most-heavily armed nations---the United States and Switzerland---owe their independence largely to an armed citizenry. For a contemporary example, consider Iraq. Both under Saddam Hussein and Bush Junior, Iraq had strict anti-gun laws. Those laws did not prevent the rise of ISIS; but importantly, the situation there has proliferated firearms among the population. Guess what the Iraqi people are discovering? That Iraqis with guns can fight back. They've even formed militias and have driven ISIS out of some areas. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms really works.

          But effete postmodern Americans shudder at the possibility that they might have to take enough personal responsibility even to defend themselves. Such a suggestion will be met with the cynical sneer and retorts to the effect that the 2nd Amendment didn't prevent Orlando or any other recent shooting. But what the media and politicians are carefully trying to keep Americans from realizing is that nothing could have prevented Orlando.

            The Pulse Nightclub shooting and most other cases like it were the handiwork of deranged lunatics who were obsessed with doing what they did. Existing laws against premeditated murder haven't prevented any of these killers from committing it. If there were no guns, an IED or poison gas may have been deployed.

             This is a difficult fact to face in a populace accustomed to safe spaces and hate-free zones. But it happens to be reality. There are, like it or not, evil people in the world who would kill you for no other reason than they feel like doing so. Access to guns; getting dissed by his homo lover; school bullying; sympathy for ISIS---these things and things like them are the excuses for, and not the reasons behind, Orlando or most other mass-killings.

              "Yes" some Liberal might pipe up, "But wouldn't you agree that we have an epidemic of gun violence today, while other countries do not?" To which we would answer, that is a relative thing. Compared to countries like Syria, Iraq, or Yemen right now---no. Compared to Switzerland---yes. Which brings up the point that, if we are seeing more violence than before, there must be some reason for this other than gun ownership, which has been legal since 1789 in the US.

                When we consider that most of these recent acts of violence---from mass shootings to urban uprisings---are being committed by people of roughly the same age, maybe we should consider that social and educational changes during the last 30 years might be a contributing factor?

                 But try and suggest that to the Ameroboob, and you'll hear: "No way! We're Exceptionalists! We got to get those gun-nuts (or whomever)! People died, now somebody's got to pay!"

                 And our political and media moguls can rely on just such a response. That's why they'll go on milking the Orlando tragedy for all the political and financial gain they can; whipping on the hate and the outrage; and in the end, nobody other than themselves will have been helped in the least.


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