Saturday, June 11, 2016


       Hoke County, North Carolina Sheriff's deputies arrested US Army Major Russell Langford of Ft. Bragg. According to the sheriff, Maj. Langford burst into a local mosque brandishing a pistol and "threatening to kill the people inside the mosque and bury them in a mass-grave outside." Authorities found other unspecified weapons and 500 rounds of ammunition in Langford's car.

        Sheriff's spokesmen stated that Langford was identified as a suspect in an incident occurring at the mosque the previous day. Langford allegedly threw bacon (an unclean meat according to Islamic dietary laws) at workers setting up for Ramadan rituals. He also shouted insults at some children, and followed a Moslem priest in his car for much of the night.

         We should consider here that a US Army Major is a battalion-level officer, responsible for a unit of 600-800 soldiers. Think very carefully about the fact that, in a combat situation, hundreds of American lives depend on people with the relative mental stability and moral character of Major Russell Langford. As we saw last month, the Pentagon's Affirmative-Action West Point cadets proudly raised their fists in the Black Power salute. Think very carefully about the fact that our military officers are the kinds of people who support the Ferguson rioters or threaten American Moslems with ISIS-style massacres.

           When we have officers of this caliber, tragedies can happen. Such as yesterday's apology from the Pentagon to so-called moderate rebels in Syria when they were accidently bombed by US warplanes, resulting in several casualties. The US-backed, anti-Assad 'Free Syrian Army' was retreating before ISIS and called in a Coalition airstrike. The USAF laid several tons of ordinance down atop the FSA while ISIS Jihadists stood by watching and laughing in their sleeves.

           Oh well, accidents happen. But they happen a lot more often when officers of the Langford stripe are leading our troops. In the last two weeks alone, a Navy Admiral was indicted for activities related to an organized crime syndicate; another Naval Commander was arraigned on charges of espionage; a USMC Colonel commanding a boot camp was disgraced for gross negligence resulting in a recruit's death; a Pentagon spokesman was arrested for disorderly conduct relating to a parking spat; and another USMC Colonel pled guilty to DUI, illegal steroid use, and violating military protective orders. And these are only incidents relating to officers.

           Think very carefully that officers like these have no issue with ordering cadets to parade in high-heels at Feminist rallies, or fight under Rules of Engagement written by Wahhabis, or integrating homosexuality into military units. And especially think very carefully about the fact that your life may depend on these kinds of Scum.

           And that moment may be closer than you realize. With Obama inserting US military forces on the borders of nations quite capable of retaliating, all that it is going to take is an officer like Russell Langford, or the Ft. Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hassan, to go berserk and start launching ballistic missiles at their imaginary enemies instead of bullets and you will find yourself in serious need of a professional military. Which you no longer have.

             Of course, the Ameroboobs are not about to put down their hookah pipes and think very carefully about any of that. According to this week's headlines, Americans are too busy being outraged that Trump called a judge a bad name, and that Search Engines show some supposed racial disparity among white vs. black teens. And the Bathroom Wars still go on.
With all these phony 'wars' going on, who needs to worry about a real war happening? 

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