Sunday, June 5, 2016


       When the Okinawan Legislature opens for business on Monday morning, things are bound to get lively. After a Pentagon crackdown on its obviously discipline-challenged personnel and assurances from Tokyo that the situation was under control, a few more Okinawans wound up in the hospital Saturday due to the actions of one of our brave men and women in uniform. Again.

      It seems that US Navy sailor Aimee Meija was driving while intoxicated in the wrong lane and crashed head-on with another vehicle. Her blood-alcohol level was six times the legal limit. Two passengers in the other vehicle sustained serious injuries. Ms. Aimee, evidently a product of the Pentagon's demasculinization program proved at least that, by the standards of today's military, women really are the equals of men.

      Considering that Okinawa's legislature only a few days ago presented Tokyo a formal demand to evict the Pentagon from their shores, this latest incident is liable to strengthen their resolve and fuel the movement for Okinawan Independence even more. General Nakatani, the Empire's Defense Minister, issued the usual regrets and filed the usual complaints, and an emergency meeting was held by Imperial and American diplomats. But these repeated incidences of military misconduct are putting the Japanese Empire into an increasingly delicate position.

        Tokyo is being pushed into a position where they can no longer ignore the problem. Okinawans are not going to accept the Empire's excuses that the US military is occupying their island for the Okinawan's own good. On the other hand, once it has planted the Rainbow Flag and brought the gospel of Cultural Marxism to a people, the Pentagon strongly objects to being told that the populace doesn't want them.

         But pragmatically, the Japanese Empire's most prudent course would be to cede to Okinawan demands and close the base. Otherwise, if the Okinawan people begin to push for independence in earnest, Japan is going to find itself in an even more precarious position. The Pentagon has no shortage of Far Eastern bases, especially now that Obama's good friend The Punisher is in control of the Philippines.

        Optimally, though, Okinawans will move forward with independence regardless. Too long these people have been the expendable pawns in international chess-games. Tokyo does not have the Okinawans' best interests at heart and neither does Washington. Okinawa would be a prime area for developing a tourist, fishing, or financial industry if left to its own devices. Most importantly, Okinawa deserves the right of self-government.

         That will not happen so long as the Japanese government considers Okinawans their inferiors and a subjugated people; nor as long the Pentagon uses the island as a cash cow.

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