Monday, June 27, 2016


    Seven people were injured this weekend after a knife-fight broke out between two rival political gangs in Sacramento, California. The American media establishment, who've been lecturing us for the past weeks on "the epidemic of gun violence" here and race-baiting over BREXIT,  are flummoxed. Two gangs of entitled young whites committing violence without firearms doesn't fit the editorial scripts.

      This incident is not unlike the violence that erupted at a Trump Rally in neighboring San Jose earlier this month. In fact, a lot of the same people were involved in both, at least from what the Media calls the protestors' side. And both stem from the same intrinsic causes, although the Media will never discuss any of these. They are:

       1. The Breakdown of the Family;
       2. The Breakdown of Public Education;
       3. The Breakdown of the Political System;
       4. The Breakdown of Traditional Religion.

       Naturally, suggesting any of this meets with a cynical sneer from effete Americans. But before you stop reading and head off to the Hookah Lounge, ask yourself one question: do things like lacking familial support, education, a fair justice system, and moral values ever contribute to crime?

        Of course these are contributing factors to crime---and disguising criminal activity as political discourse doesn't make it legitimate. Contrary to all the media distractions over Sacramento and San Jose, what the advocates and the protestors were defending or opposing is irrelevant. In civilized countries, protestors do not express opposition by showing up to rallies wearing masks, armed with knives and screaming through bullhorns. This is what gangsters do; and those who are carrying out these violent demonstrations need to be suppressed by the authorities.

        Will these outbursts of political violence continue? Of course they will. They have been increasing steadily during the last few years while Americans have been in denial about them. What we're seeing is the culmination of a social decline that began in the list above trickling down to the general public. Americans were happy to tolerate political gangsterism as long as the Bushmen, the Clintons, Obama, the Neocons, and the Neoliberals were redistributing the wealth and stabbing the other guy in the back. Now, a generation nurtured in that anarchistic atmosphere is behaving exactly how they were taught---both directly and by example---by the previous generation.

           The fundamental law of any Government is its own self-preservation, and when society breaks down Governments tend to react in one of two ways. Either it becomes Authoritarian domestically or creates wars abroad as a distraction. In light of Obama's recent military buildups and Republican proposals to beef up domestic espionage and militarize the police, we see where the post-election American future is really trending.

          Things will change only when our society agrees to reverse the four trends listed above; and the likelihood of that happening is practically nonexistent. All four of these mean taking personal responsibility and the Ameroboobs aren't about to give up their hard-won handouts and do that. We'll be told instead that playing the Game and being in the know means that there's personal profit in all these New Normals. The Smart Boys are the ones who know how to take advantage of a situation.

           So who cares about things like the breakdown of the family? Well, just don't forget that the same generation of feral children we've produced is already producing our feral grandchildren. Studies of the generation who currently under 12 are not shaping up to look especially promising. Not to worry, though---there are pills for that.


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