Monday, June 13, 2016


     Turkey's Moslem Brotherhood President, Tayyip Erdogan is a close ally of Obama. But today, Erdogan's official party newspaper Yeni Akit ran the following headline:

     "Death Toll Rises to 50 in Bar where Perverted Homosexuals Go!"

     Which was in relation to the Orlando massacre. Now in the interests of full disclosure we here at this blog wish to state publically that we are opposed to the policies promoted by the so-called LGBTQ community both here and abroad. However, we also wish to state publically that we categorically oppose the mass-murder of homosexuals. To that end, we have temporarily suspended public criticism of LGBTQ policies out of respect for the dead in Orlando.

        And, at this point, we wish to put out a public appeal to US homosexual political activists. It is evident that your political lobby has a great deal of influence with the Obama Administration. Hence, our appeal, simply put is:

         Will you please employ that influence to persuade Obama to withdraw his support from this thuggish regime in Turkey?

          Not simply because of the headline; but because the Erdogan government has been complicit in, and directly responsible for, numerous terrorist attacks like the one in Orlando. Not against the homosexual community per se, but against innocent men, women, and children especially in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. What happened in Orlando yesterday made headlines here; and that is approximately what the headlines look like 3-5 times per week in any one of those three countries.

            The day before the Orlando massacre, Erdogan-backed terrorists slaughtered 40 civilians---mostly women and children---outside of Aleppo, Syria. These civilians were fleeing terrorist artillery shelling in their village. The day before that, Erdogan-backed terrorists fired a missile---supplied to them by Turkey---into a church, killing two women, three children, and wounding 77 others. This morning, Erdogan-backed thugs wearing suicide bombs killed 12 people and wounded 55 others in an attack on a Damascus shopping center. Last month, Erdogan-backed thugs massacred the entire village of Zara, Syria and posted photos bragging about their crimes and posing over the dead bodies.

            It is not simply that Erdogan is homophobic, he is a positive menace to all humanity while he remains in power. Evidence has been submitted repeatedly to the United Nations---and blocked by Obama's diplomats---that Turkey is actively engaged in Black Market activities with ISIS and Al-Qaeda, including the women and children kidnapped by the terrorists and sold into slavery abroad.  Additionally, Iranian Intelligence Services believe that Turkey is actively facilitating escape routes for ISIS and Taliban war criminals fleeing justice.

          Erdogan was in the US news recently over his refusal to acknowledge Turkish responsibility in the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Turkish provocateurs and weapons are in Armenia even as we speak, fomenting civil unrest and border clashes in which several have died. The evident goal of this is to establish a pretext for Turkish military intervention---and Erdogan has already made attempts to seize territory in Iraq, Syria, and Cyprus.

           So that is the ground for our appeal. Will you accept the challenge?

                                   Obama Administration Condemns Orlando, but Supports This

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