Sunday, June 26, 2016


     A year to the day after the US Supreme Court subjugated the American people to the will of homosexual interest groups, the Spanish Supreme Court struck a resounding blow for Freedom of Speech and Liberty of Conscience. Spanish judges dismissed two frivolous cases brought against Cardinal Antonio Canizares, for speeches His Eminence had made during a homily on May 13th.

      In May, the Cardinal gave an address highlighting society's need to protect the family against what he called 'The Gay Empire'. Cardinal Canizares went on to shame Spanish political and social leaders for their continual submission to homosexual interest groups; stating that their "promotion of Radical Feminism and gender theories are the most insidious of all threats."

       The Gay Mafia was swift to pounce on the Cardinal's words and---just as they do here in the US---resorted to their usual strong-arm tactics. An organization called Lambda, one of their international syndicates, filed Hate Speech charges against the Cardinal in a Valencia Court. They alleged that his homily "made homophobic and male chauvinist statements that incite nothing but hatred." At the same time, Lambda's natural allies in the Islamic Jihad, via a group calling itself The Spanish Immigration Network, filed a companion lawsuit alleging that the Cardinal was guilty of 'xenophobia' for questioning, in the same homily, the backgrounds of 'refugees' whom the EU is dumping onto Spanish soil.

         Today, the Spanish Court threw out both cases for lack of evidence. The judges scolded the plaintiffs in its decision, saying that "A generic accusation sprinkled with vague facts is insufficient to trigger a criminal investigation." The judge pointed out also that, the meet the legal test of Hate Speech under Spanish Law, there must be "clear intent to incite public violence against a particular group" and that "nothing in the May 13th homily rises to that standard."

         So the Cultural Marxists slunk from the tribunal in shame, while crowds in Valencia cheered the decision. Civil Rights' leaders throughout Spain had circulated petitions in support of the Cardinal during the investigation. Citizens of Valencia---in a show of solidarity---voluntarily repatriated two Madonnas desecrated by homosexual vandals during one of their so-called Pride Rallies.

          Cowardly American judges and politicians should take note. It is possible to say 'no' to these thugs. But unlike Spanish judges, modern American jurisprudence typically cares very little about actual Justice. Personal Profit and Political Correctness dictate US law; civil rights, not so much.

            And Cardinal Canizares, for his part, should stand as an example to Christian religious leaders. Too often in the effete West, clerics are willing to sacrifice their faith for public approval. The case may well have gone against him, but Cardinal Canizares held true.
And if Cultural Marxism is to be defeated, Spain has shown us how: by standing up for Justice and Faith.





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