Tuesday, June 7, 2016


       In 1962, Jack Webb produced a dramatized documentary titled The Red Nightmare which depicted life in an America that had adopted Soviet-style Communism. The Red Nightmare has, in many ways become a prophecy. And it's unique plot perspective presumed that Americans had accepted Communism voluntarily. The American Dream turned into the Red Nightmare in this scenario. We are living in that type of society today. One can hardly distinguish the positions advocated even by nominal Conservatives today from those advanced by the Soviet Union.

     As a specimen of this trend, one of the Manospherian Game Cultists who operates under the name of The People's Voice, has written an article which has drawn some criticism among Christian bloggers.  His latest attempt at posing as an ideologue is titled, Your Skin is Your Uniform, and simply from the title we can likely guess what is coming next. Reading his entire farrago, one gets the visual impression of Nikita Khrushchev banging his shoe on the UN podium "Decadent Westerners! We will bury you!"

       Like some Haymarket Square Anarchist, The People's Voice begins thus:

        "Everywhere you go, from San Jose to Melbourne, the race war will find you. Vibrants don't give a d--n that you are a good anti-racist...They understand, as you do not, that there is no such thing as racial equality...no such thing as a Brotherhood of Man."

       This is, of course, the Marxist dogma of the 'Class Struggle' repackaged in racial terms. He continues:

       "They hate you for the simple reason that you are not them. And they will attack you, unprovoked, every chance they get."

       No: people who hate and attack for those reasons are fanatics. Which rarely has anything to do with race. Witness, for example, Jihadist Arab atrocities against other Arabs; as recently occurred in Zara, Syria. Or, the white Liberal Sanders supporters attacking white people who supported Trump in San Jose.

       "There will be peace through segregation or there will be war for dominance and control." he pontificates, "The various races can be friendly and respectful neighbors or they can be locked in a violent death-struggle for power over one another. Whites from Australia to America must accept the simple fact that the Equality Doctrine is a poisonous one."

      This idea actually comes from Vladimir Lenin, closely enough to be a paraphrase. Lenin believed in the superiority of Communism; and by segregating Communism into one nation, he could build a central point from which to dominate his neighbors. Of course, the Marxists all claimed they too would be friendly neighbors. But that was belied by their Class Warfare rhetoric which the Gamers have also adopted. 

      The Game Cult teaches it holds a superior philosophy and those who embrace it are destined to rule as Alpha Leaders. The Communists taught a variation of the same thing. One when a group believes it has a natural right to dominate and all other groups hate you for the simple reason that you are not them, then it is logically impossible that segregation would ever bring a lasting peace. 

       Civilization does not advance through isolationism and segregation; it advances through the free exchange of ideas and cultures. If cultural segregation actually worked as the Game Cultists claim, then logically North Korea and Saudi Arabia should be the two most advanced societies on Earth. Sanctions---as a diplomatic weapon---should logically make the targeted country stronger. The only reason behind a segregationist policy is when the party proposing it is operating from a position of weakness. The Communists put up the Iron Curtain precisely because Faith and Freedom were a threat to their system. In contrast, Western Christian democracies tolerated Communist parties on their own soil because our (then) shared belief in God and Liberty had nothing to fear from it. 

       The White Nationalists and the Game Cultists fear other races and religions for the same reasons. The reason for our current cultural decline is because, for 30 or so years, the so-called Silent Majority has stayed silent; and in fact participated in and profited from the cultural decline. White America, since the early 1990s, has chosen to rest on the laurels of their forefathers while passively allowing the Cultural Marxists to rampage through our society like a juggernaut. They are no different than the modern American Black militants, who did the same thing. Americans were perfectly willing to accept the handouts and freedom from responsibility that the Cultural Marxists offered in exchange for our liberties, culture, and family. Those who do value those things expose our weakness.

        "The violent Nationalists who WILL address the problems you caused are no more to blame for the necessity of their terrible actions than white blood cells can be blamed for the diseases they attack." says the Gamer, and so said every Bolshevik who wanted a pretext for his violent deeds.

       One thing, though, we can say with absolute certainty is that not one of the Game Cult or White Nationalist leaders and spokesmen will be risking their own lives in these terrible actions. No, they will leave that for their dupes.

       The way to defeat the Cultural Marxists is not to adopt their means, methods and goals. We won the Cold War by being better than the Marxists, not by behaving like them. But the Gamers know nothing about this, because Power is the only god they really worship.

                                                      Manly Alpha Leaders in Action


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