Monday, June 13, 2016


     The Chinese media today had an interesting article relating to the Orlando Massacre. While some Americans are reaching out to help the victims, the article noted, politicians and pundits are squabbling like hens "from the very definition of the incident to how to prevent such future crimes."

      China understands American political and social conditions better than most Ameroboobs. The Chinese also understand terrorism, and the ways to deal with it. Last September, Jihadists killed over 50 Chinese citizens in an attack on the Sogan Coal Company. Xi Jinping's reaction was decidedly different than Obama's.

      Xi and the rest of China's political and media did not point fingers at each other and run about looking for scapegoats. Xi swung the military into action; put out public appeals through the media to find those responsible. He put security forces to work rooting out terror cells and preventing further attacks. By November, the manhunt bore fruit. The Chinese Army tracked the Jihadists to their caves near the Afghanistan border and took them out with flamethrowers.

       Naturally, the effete American media and pundits condemned China's actions. But today, Chinese citizens go to nightclubs without fear and concerts are held without performers getting shot. Terrorists aren't walking onto Chinese Army bases and gunning down unarmed personnel. Chinese workers can have Christmas parties without fear that some Jihadists are going to attack. And they aren't sacrificing their liberties to do these things.

         And no, this isn't because of Chinese gun laws or immigration policies. It is because the Chinese people know that their government is doing its job and those who choose to commit crimes against the Chinese people will pay for it with their lives.

          Just as a side note: the Sogan Coal Mines are working again; unlike the Twin Towers which have laid in ruins for the last 15 years.

         Maybe we Americans could learn a few lessons from the Chinese. But we can't do that, of course, because we are Exceptionalists and don't take instructions from inferior races. So thinks the Ameroboob, 30 lbs. overweight and sucking down hashish in front of the TV listening to pundits blaming everything but their own stupidity for the Orlando Massacre.

            Yes, their own stupidity. The nightclub shooter and the murderer of Christina Grimmie were both products of a dumbed-down public school system and products of an emasculated postmodernist, deconstructed American value system. China, in contrast, promotes its culture and invests in education. The Chinese also don't subsidize pharmaceutical cartels to flood their country with dangerous narcotics.

           But try and explain this to the Ameroboob and you'll be fortunate not to end up the victim of a shooting yourself. Meanwhile, China goes on towards Superpower status, while the mass-murders in America continue.


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