Tuesday, June 28, 2016


       In the aftermath of BREXIT, the German government---the actual ruling power behind the EU---called an emergency meeting. Details of this upcoming meeting reveal now that the masks have finally come off the EU, and now we learn what many have suspected to be true. The European Union is simply an extension of the same German Imperialist policy which led to two world wars.

        The leaders in Poland, a country occupied by Germany from 1939-1945, exposed the details of Merkel's plan, which agreed upon in Berlin yesterday by delegates of the Reich and their French and Italian collaborators. Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski called the proposal an "ultimatum designed to create a European Superstate."

        Under the German proposal, member states would lose the right to maintain independent militaries, the right to internal taxation, the right to their own criminal justice systems, and their own central banks---all of these functions would be transferred to Brussels (i.e. Berlin). Consider that every one of these rights were also suspended under previous German occupations. 

        Now consider too that an EU military and police force will need personnel, and as we have seen with BREXIT, the native-born populations in Europe are largely opposed to such a plan. In this context, does Merkel's policy of flooding EU countries with Jihadist refugees begin to make sense? What better way to integrate and employ these millions of Moslems than in a security force? The new Wehrmacht and Gestapo and not going to be of European descent, although their leaders certainly will be. 

          As for internal taxation and central banking, which country in Europe (post-BREXIT)  has the strongest financial network? And the same context, do the motives behind EU's anti-Russia stance also become clear? The goal of German Imperialism from Bismarck to the Kaiser to Hitler to Merkel has been hostile towards Russia---which it sees as a competitor in European affairs. 

            It should also not be overlooked that Britain was the EU's former leader in mass-media. Now others will have to fill the void; and with the EU's proposed speech codes and German policies on hate speech, a Ministry of Propaganda and Culture will also be needed.

            The upcoming months will be Europe's last chance to follow Britain's lead and escape the clutches of the Fourth Reich. Poland is awakening to the danger, as is Austria, whose president promised a referendum this year. Poland and Austria were the first casualties of the last German attempt to dominate Europe. Let us hope that others follow and stop the Reich in its tracks.

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