Thursday, June 9, 2016


      In a monumental airlift today, Russian forces delivered an incredible 36 tons of humanitarian aid to Deir Ezzur, Syria: the site of an intense and ongoing battle between Allied Forces and ISIS. The aircraft were supplied by Abakan Airlines and manned by Russian paratroopers.

       Residents in and around Deir Ezzur have been cut off by the fighting and were on the verge of starvation. The Jihadists have put up a stubborn resistance in this city due its strategic value in the upcoming advance upon Raqqa. The Terrorists have been employing every diabolical device that their savage minds can suggest in this battle: suicide bombings, IEDs, human shields---all of which have made truck deliveries to the inhabitants impossible.

       A second airdrop of three tons was also made outside of Aleppo. Russian humanitarian aid is co-ordinated through the Orthodox Church, private individuals, and the military. The Islamic Red Crescent recently began operations with the Russian organizations.

       Deir Ezzur was formerly the site of one of Syria's premier medical facilities. Until the Allied offensive in May, it had been under ISIS control for nearly two years and was the scene of some of the Jihadists' most hideous atrocities. Allied forces recovered the hospital, but ISIS forces are still very active in the area.

        In a related story, the pro-Russian president of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has organized an Islamic delegation to supply 20,000 Syrians with meals in accordance with the Ramadan ritual. 200 volunteers and 30 cooks went to Damascus and set up operations in refugee centers near the Syrian capital.


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