Tuesday, June 14, 2016


   Allied intelligence reports from Raqqa, Syria indicate that ISIS' treasurer and war criminal Hatim al-Utaybi, has gone missing from the city. At the same time, it appears, the substantial cash, gold, and jewels stolen from the Syrian populace departed with him. Utaybi, who is a Saudi national, vanished this weekend and frustrated ISIS soldiers searching for him discovered their monetary reserves had also vanished.

    Utaybi's current whereabouts are unknown; no doubt he's followed his Caliph, Baghdadi, down the ISIS ratlines. Interesting how these top ISIS leaders always seem to disappear as soon as NATO forces show up in the region. Merkel recently dispatched a regiment of Wehrmacht to the environs of Raqqa. And German experience with ratlines is well-documented.

     Morale among ISIS forces in Raqqa is reportedly very low right now.

     Not all ISIS leaders have managed to escape, however. Iraqi forces reported on Saturday that they had recovered the body of Mullah Hasim Mohammed al-Shablavi who was the Chief Justice of ISIS' court. Shablavi, like Baghdadi and Utaybi was another ISIS leader destined for the hangman, but met his fate during an Iraqi airstrike.

       Iraqi forces today announced that Rashid Kalif Dahi, Baghdadi's chief-of-staff was among those captured fleeing Fallujah on Saturday. Over 500 ISIS soldiers and officials were netted by the Iraqi Army.

      "Our forces have captured 543 ISIS terrorists who were fleeing Fallujah disguised as refugees" Iraqi General Hadi Razich stated to the press.

       Really? Disguised as refugees. That should give US and EU officials a moment of pause to consider the millions of refugees flooding into Europe right now. Especially considering that "there are several known war criminals among their ranks" as General Razich noted. We've since seen that this number included Baghdadi's Chief-of-Staff. Thankfully, the Iraqi Army prevented 543 of them from turning up in Brussels, Paris, or Orlando. But how many more got there?

         In other war news, Syria's elite Desert Eagle commandoes captured an ISIS-run oil field outside of Raqqa and reportedly shot down a spy drone belonging to ISIS. In Western Syria, an army patrol captured a truck that was later discovered to be carrying almost 1/4 million amphetamine tablets headed allegedly towards the border.

          That's another rather interesting development. Any guesses as to where those drugs were probably going? (Hint: 89% of world amphetamine production is consumed in the United States).

         And here on the homefront, a Somali gunman who had taken hostages at a Walmart was killed by police in Amarillo, Texas. According to officials, this was workplace violence and not an act of terror. Sure it wasn't.

         Well, at least the Allies are on the job. They aren't debating about how to define terrorism---they are defeating it. Meanwhile, all we Americans can do is surrender our liberties, feel outraged, and wait on the next dope shipment from Al-Qaeda.

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