Thursday, June 2, 2016


       The 50,000 LGBTQ-friendly American Marines stationed on Okinawa spent the Memorial Day weekend under a 10 PM curfew with strict limitations on alcohol. This clampdown followed the Okinawan Legislature's formal demand upon the Japanese Imperial government that the base be closed and the Marines ejected from the island.

         The Okinawan people are fed up with out-of-control crime perpetrated by the American military. The latest incident being yet another rape and murder of an Okinawan girl; shortly preceded by a sailor's confession to forcible rape of a Japanese woman.

          "On Okinawa, many are protesting the US bases; not just for their presence there, but for the amount of crime constantly surrounding them." one protestor told the press "They get with these crimes because of a legal loophole preventing Okinawan authorities access to the base."

             According to Okinawan Police forces, US military personnel have been linked to 26 murders, 129 rapes, 394 robberies and arsons since joint US-Japanese rule was established on the island in 1972. With predictable political cynicism, Obama seems unlikely to move the base. Journalist Daniel Lazare noted:

               "Notwithstanding the wishes of the Japanese people, the bigger picture to Washington and Tokyo is simply China. The US is busy remilitarizing the Western Pacific, trying to line up support from various Pacific Rim countries to create a grand concert of anti-Chinese powers, and clearly Okinawa is a major part of that process."

                 It is to be hoped that these evasions will help spur on the Okinawan independence movement.

                 Now the American Media Cartels---a significant number of which have financial interests both in Pentagon defense contractors and the Japanese Empire's corporate structure, have been downplaying these incidents and trying desperately to portray Okinawan leaders as anti-American extremists. But as we have pointed out before, Okinawa is not a unique problem. The problem is simply that our military personnel of today are substandard---due to politically-correct social engineering, poor public schools, lowered recruitment and training standards, and a military culture that is openly hostile towards both masculinity and spirituality. When a military looks like this it should not be surprising that professional soldiers would not serve in it.

                  Thus, the problem is not unique to Okinawa. Recent headlines include:

June 2: Top Defense Department official arrested for theft in a parking dispute with a neighbor's nanny

June 1: Robins Air Force Base airman to stand trial for murder in an insurance fraud scheme

May 27: USMC colonel pleads guilty to DUI, illegal steroid use, and violating military protective orders

May 26: USMC officer sentenced in Panama for murdering woman with a machete while high on drugs

May 25: Beale Air Force Base airman arrested for homosexually assaulting a 13 year-old boy

May 20: Defense contractor on Okinawa arrested for rape and murder

May 18: Navy officer arraigned on 10 counts of espionage

May 18: Army medic in Honolulu arrested for murder, child pornography, and selling prostitutes

May 16: USN Senior Petty Officer sentenced for assault on a woman in Japan

May 13: Twelve paratroopers in Italy arrested during drunken brawl with African men

May 11: Shriver Air Force Base colonel charged with adultery, rape, and distributing pornography

May 5: USN sailor arrested for identity theft, bank fraud, and forged identity documents

May 3: Fort Hood soldier shoots wife then shoots stranger who tries to rescue her.

May 2: Fort Bragg soldier arrested for kidnap and rape

       This is one month's worth of military mayhem. Maybe it's time that the American public started facing a few facts. The foremost fact being that our military is in a deep state of advanced decline and is no position to defend the United States or anybody else. Pundits, especially those on the political right, would have us believe that our military is handicapped by a few social engineers in the Pentagon. Not so. The military is the product of the culture that made it. Like it or not, the military of today looks like America and always has reflected the culture that comprised it. If Americans don't like what they see, they need to look in the mirror to find the ones responsible for it.  


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