Friday, June 3, 2016


         In contemporary US culture, race-baiting is a national pastime, just like baseball used to be. When a society begins to disintegrate, its tendency is to revert back to earlier stages of social evolution. Tribalism, being a less-civilized state than Nationalism, always makes a comeback during such times. Nations exist on complex structures like shared history, ideals, and values: tribes exist on simplistic structures like racial identity.

         So one would naturally assume that the first network television drama to feature a minority---in this case an American Indian---in the starring role would be a cause celebre among the effete elites. Not so, however, for reasons which will become readily apparent. This weekend's feature recommendation is a Western drama titled Law of the Plainsman.

        Law of the Plainsman aired on NBC from 1959-1960. It was a spin-off from the popular TV series The Rifleman. The program followed the adventures of US Deputy Marshal Sam Buckheart, a full-blooded Apache Indian. Now Buckheart's background as depicted in the story explains in itself the reason why Law of the Plainsman is ignored by the PC crowd. Buckheart was a young Apache warrior in Geronimo's army during the Apache Indian War. He saved the life of a wounded American general who rewarded him with a scholarship that terminated in Buckheart's graduation from Harvard. In gratitude to his country, Buckheart returned to Santa Fe and enlisted in the US Marshals Service.

           This story is at considerable variance with how American Liberals expect Indians to behave. In fact, Law of the Plainsman is remarkably free from racial themes. In a few episodes, some bigoted Whites challenge Buckheart; but in another Buckheart defends a murder suspect from vengeful Apaches who accuse Buckheart of selling out his heritage. Buckheart's answer is always the same: he points to his badge and proclaims "What I am is a Deputy United States Marshal. I answer to the United States government, not to you."

             Buckheart also has the interesting pastime of reading classical literature in the original Greek. He prefers an Apache headband to a cowboy hat, but otherwise doesn't wear his heritage on his sleeve. He attends church services and sponsors a home for orphans. And he's a determined and tenacious opponent of desperate criminals and a defender of the weak and helpless.

               As a masculine archetype, Buckheart represents a character-type that has all but disappeared from the American cultural scene; that of a man who has adopted traditional masculinity by choice. This is not only Politically Incorrect, it is at variance with the false masculinity promulgated by certain Manospherians of the Game/PUA cult. While the Gamers pretend that they are reclaiming Manhood and posture as confident Alpha males, men of the Buckheart type exude genuine confidence.

              This type of masculine confidence does not come from learning a system; it comes from a belief (or faith) in something higher than oneself. In Buckheart's case it came via education; in the normal course of stable societies it comes in the transition from boyhood into manhood. Confidence is one of Buckheart's strongest character traits. Aside from the well-known Indian stoicism, confidence tends to be very pronounced in men who assimilated into a higher culture. This is because they have accepted the culture as rational adults and tend to have deep faith in their adopted worldview; having accepted it objectively.

            It is important to note this distinction because not only have the Gamers counterfeited masculine confidence; but because the vile contagion of White Supremacism has exploded within their ranks in recent years. This is probably not surprising since it is but a short leap from gender-supremacy to racial-supremacy. Many, if not most, Feminists are actually racists too, although they will never admit it. Both could learn a lot from a real man like Sam Buckheart who, by various media accounts, had quite a substantial following of female fans in the early 1960s.

             True Masculinity and Femininity stem from a common Ideal; which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with race. And that is the underlying theme of Law of the Plainsman. Buckheart was an Apache by birth; an American by adoption; and an archetype of true masculinity through his faith and his intellect.

              Law of the Plainsman is in the public domain and all episodes are available on Youtube for free, though a DVD set is also available. Buckheart was an educated man, and Law of the Plainsman was one of the most intelligently produced Western dramas. There's no shortage of action and complex plots in this series either. Most of them involve Buckheart going up against some very formidable outlaw gangs and defeating them by his confidence, intelligence and determination.


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