Thursday, June 23, 2016


   Congratulations are hereby extended to our freedom-loving brothers and sisters in Great Britain.

    BREXIT passed tonight, by a 52-48 percent margin; terminating Britain's four-decade servitude under the EU jackboot. The victory defied pundits' predictions, with heavy a turnout in Wales and the English countryside tipping the balance in favor of freedom.

    The smug, self-appointed Cultural Elites are still reeling from the shock; and lashing out in furious revenge. George Soros and his Wall Street mafiosos are retaliating with currency and stock crashes---all contrived, of course---and even Obama reportedly got out of bed to consult with the deflated David Cameron. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, a few celebrity blowhards are talking about secession as though either one of those two welfare-states could survive on their own.

     Reaction among EU chieftains has been subdued; the loss of one of the Union's major cash-cows is no doubt unsettling for them. Naturally, Germany---the leading profiteer off the EU, was the first to speak out. The Reich's Foreign Minister, Franz Steinmeier, lamented that this was "a sad day for all of Europe."

       True---for a Europe that has been leeching off of British taxpayers for the last 43 years who, along with their domineering overlords in Berlin, have been dictating British economic policy and micromanaging British social policy down to the last detail. But not a sad day at all for the millions of true Britons who stood up to the EU---and to the coalition of Cultural Marxists and Islamic Jihadists in their own country who opposed BREXIT.

      BREXIT's win is already drawing support from political leaders in France, the Netherlands, and Italy---all of which are pushing for withdrawal from the EU as well. In the upcoming weeks, the Cultural Marxists will be punishing Britain in many ways---causing financial and civil unrest (all of which will be carefully orchestrated), launching propaganda campaigns, and committing other crimes against the British people. This will be done to intimidate other countries not to follow Britain's example.

        But follow Britain's example, anyway. Slavery is easy, but freedom takes risks. And it's a risk well worth taking, in the end.


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