Thursday, June 2, 2016


      Yesterday, in Southern California, another sterling product of American public education went on a shooting rampage at the UCLA campus. Predictably, the US Media Cartels withheld any information about the assassin until paid pundits and internet trolls had spread the rumors that a gun-toting white Conservative male was behind it all. Equally predictably, the shooter actually didn't fit that description.

      Of course, the Cultural Marxists enjoy exploiting these stories to attack American culture; The Gun Culture is a neologism they've coined for this particular purpose. Now one would logically assume that a country where Marijuana is the leading agricultural product in most states and consumption of Antidepressants exceeds that of most fruits and vegetables, that some dynamic other than private ownership of firearms might be at work here. Especially when it's considered that Americans have owned guns since the country was founded and drug abuse is fairly recent; and that most mass-murders seem to coincide with one time-frame more than the other. But we are discussing logic here; and the Ameroboob typically isn't interested in that.

      Anarchists rioting on campuses and overthrowing university administrations scarcely excite comment in the US; but stories like these, do.

       An interesting anecdote about the UCLA shooting somehow managed to slip though the Media Cartels' news filters. MSNBC---of all places---said of Dr. Klug, one of the slain: "he was a devout Christian and a regular figure in organizing campus spiritual life.

        The Media Cartels are trying to spin this as intellectual property dispute; as they always excuse any minority who kills a white male. But the fact that Dr. Klug was a Christian possibly shouldn't be dismissed so easily. It seems like there is a familiar pattern developing. For example, how many of these mass-murders have taken place in churches?

        Between 1980 and 2015, there have been 139 shootings in churches, with 185 killed. And several mass-murderers, such as the perpetrators of the Columbine and Roseburg massacres seem to have targeted Christians as their victims. Eliot Roger's manifesto made it clear he disliked Christian girls in particular. The San Bernardino attack happened at Christmas Party; in fact most Jihadists are likely to presume that their targets will be Christians.

        In 2014, there were 176 'deadly force incidents' committed against US churches, according to US crime statistics. A 2013 FBI report stated that 18% of 'hate crimes' were perpetrated against religious beliefs. A 2012 FBI report stated that 23,547 crimes were committed nationwide on church property.

         Now nobody in the Government-Media Complex is going to bother drawing the obvious inferences here, because it is not in their interest to do so. But when we note that Christians seem to be frequent targets of violent crimes and balance that fact against the often violent anti-Christian rhetoric flowing out of American Cultural Elites, one cannot help but wonder if a correlation between these two things doesn't exist.

          The bigger question, though, is: if such a correlation does exist, would it make any difference to the effete American public anyway? We are talking about a population here who has been mostly indifferent to US policies which have contributed to the wholesale ethnic cleansing of Christians in the Middle East. Likely it will not make any difference. If it's mostly Christians whom mass-murderers target, why should Americans care? 'Better that it happens to someone else'---the New Normal of American empathy.



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