Monday, June 20, 2016


      Blogger Wintery Knight has published a synopsis and commentary on the recent Southern Baptist Convention, which produced a statement in defense of traditional marriage. The Southern Baptists have had a lot of good proposals on these issues recently; especially last year's proposal encouraging younger people to marry and challenging our absurdly high age-of-consent-laws.

      The Southern Baptists made some strong stands this year, declaring their support for traditional marriage and gender-roles and some proposed legislation defending Christian rights against the legal onslaughts of the Gay Mafia. Among these were the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the First Amendment Defense Act.

      While the Southern Baptists are to be applauded for their stand; they are overlooking two obvious problems. The first one is, simply that, if American culture has sunk to the level that our largest Christian denomination has to explain to us what marriage and gender are; and that Congress actually has to debate over the First Amendment---then it is a fairly safe assumption that our culture has rotted to the point where these types of resolutions are not going to have much effect.

      The second---as Wintery Knight points out---the Republican Party has already nominated a candidate who's largely ejected ideology from his platform. The Donald has had very little to say on such matters. Given that he is on his third marriage and Hillary's relationship with our ex-President Clinton is somewhat notorious it hardly seems that these concerns are resonating much with the voters either.

       And really, we should not expect it to be otherwise. Traditional families are actually a minority these days. The Divorce Industry, the Abortion Racket, the Gay Mafia, Relationship Counseling, Adultery/Dating Sites, the Domestic Violence Industry, the Welfare/Child Protection Syndicate, Media-driven Sex Scandals and Controversies---these are all billion-dollar industries in the Prozac Nation. The Smart Boys never let a good crisis or human tragedy go to waste when there's a fast buck to be made.

       Traditional families don't make good political capital either. All that politicians in the past could do is be proud of our strong families and promise to keep defending them. But the Wise Guys of today understand that by deconstructing and redefining everything, the resulting confusion and uncertainly alone generates unlimited opportunity.

      And this is nothing new with Donald Trump. The last Republican candidate who ran an ideologically-driven campaign was Ronald Reagan, who won landslide victories in 1980 and 1984. Since then, American so-called Conservatives have pursued the strategy utilized by the Left; i.e., abandoning ideology to pander to the worst elements in human nature. That strategy gave us failures like the Bushes and Gingrich; and candidates like Dole, McCain, Romney and Trump.

        That's the point that the Baptist Leadership is wholly missing. They assume there is no difference between a Conservative in 2016 and a Conservative in 1980. In 1980, the Moral Majority was a genuine political force; to the point where the Rev. Pat Robertson was a serious presidential contender in 1988. Ben Carson, whose platform was probably closest to that group won a whopping 9 delegates in 2016.

        The Ameroboob of today is not an ideologue. Recall that almost 1/5 of American high-school graduates today cannot even read. He's also very highly amoral. Religious leaders of any faith are not liable to influence public policy very much when these factors are the prevailing public attitudes.

        A better idea for the Baptist Leaders would be something like organizing a project to set themselves up in a colony in some foreign country. Like it or not, things have gotten that critical in the US---and the situation is not likely to improve. The Baptists originally began here in America in the same way. It's time to do it again.

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