Thursday, June 16, 2016


    Yesterday, the Syrian Air Force leafleted the ISIS capital Raqqa with notices that further resistance was futile and that surrender would be the most prudent course. This action has apparently caused some rather violent confrontations among the Terrorists. Deserted by their own leaders and facing inevitable defeat, morale in Raqqa is reportedly very low among ISIS soldiers. The Allies now have the city surrounded on three sides and are driving from Deir Ezzur to complete the siege.

    The Syrian military also announced yesterday that the bodies of three high-ranking ISIS financial officials were discovered in the desert near Deir Ezzur. Intelligence sources believe they were associates of Hatim al-Utaybi, who disappeared from Raqqa over the weekend with the ISIS treasury. Criminals sometimes object to splitting the loot.

    Nonetheless, the elite Desert Eagles Syrian commando unit has been sent on Utaybi's trail. The discovery of the corpses indicate that he's headed for Turkish lines.

     Al-Qaeda isn't faring much better. Five of their commanders were killed in Idlib yesterday, by all accounts at the hands of their own men. There's reportedly been a purge underway among Al-Qaeda forces for the last month. 

      The criminal activities of these groups should make us all pause to consider that, contrary to Western propaganda, their motives may not necessarily be religiously based. Revelations are breaking through the mainstream media filters of considerable weapons, narcotics, and white-slave trafficking carried out by these organizations. It certainly is not unprecedented that criminal organizations have used religion as a disguise; and certainly Islam is not any more immune to that possibility than any other religion.

        It should also give the Western public pause to consider our own governments' support for these groups and whether their underlying motives are genuinely about liberation are true or not. Syrian security forces announced that they had broken up a major drug lab operating in Damascus, seizing nearly 25 pounds of hashish and 1200 amphetamine tablets. The latter of these narcotics is a copy of a drug called Captagon which is peddled legally in the United States by Big Pharma and illegally on the streets here as well.

        The Iranian government, whose advisors have been assisting Syria in suppressing the drug traffic, issued a statement today announcing that since March alone, Iranian police have broken up 26 drug-smuggling operations on Iranian soil.

         Police commander General Hossein Rahimi told reporters that "Iran is on a crossroad linking the international narcotics hub of Afghanistan to the Persian Gulf and European countries. Iran has long complained that the global community, the Western countries in particular, do not contribute in the campaign against the narcotics-smuggling trade. Iran is making lone efforts to block the transit of narcotics from Afghanistan to Europe and the US."

          As if that doesn't put things in perspective enough, General Rahimi also pointed out that, "Opiate drug production has increased 40 times its levels in Afghanistan since the US invasion in 2001. Under the Taliban Regime, it was estimated that Opiate productions was about 185 tons annually. Since the US-led invasion, Opium production has surged to 3,400 tons annually, reaching a high of 8,200 tons in 2007."

           Now to connect the dots a little further, we see that the US has seen a huge spike in both opiate and amphetamine abuse during the same period. We have also seen from the Benghazi and Fast-and-Furious scandals that weapons and narcotics from the Middle East are being funneled to drug gangs operating on the US-Mexico Border, and whom, it appears are being covertly aided by certain US interests.

            Will this give any American a pause to consider much of anything? Doubtful. The top headlines in the American media are today as follows: 'Ryan Issues Stern Warning about Trump';  'Vary's Mission on Game of Thrones May Be Darker than You Expect'; 'Phoenix Woman Runs Over Boyfriend After Learning He's HIV-Positive'; 'Florida Attorney-General Declares War on Anderson Cooper'; 'NFL Star's Autopsy Reveals Suicide' and a few articles about grieving Orlando shooting victims and editorials demanding tighter gun laws.

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