Thursday, June 9, 2016


      Amidst the Obama Administration's military peacocking around the globe, the Rainbow-Pride Pentagon is struggling against an outbreak of scandals, the newest ones again coming from the South China Sea. Admiral David Gilbeau today was disgraced after pleading guilty before a military tribunal to perjury in connection with an international corruption scandal.

       The scandal broke in 2013, though discreetly ignored by the ever-accommodating US media. Authorities from Singapore initiated an international sting operation targeting arms smuggler and Pentagon defense contractor, Leonard Francis. Francis plead guilty to bribing US Navy officials with sex slaves, cash, and other unspecified perks---worth millions on the Black Market according to Singaporean authorities---in exchange for Navy Defense contracts. Francis' front-corporation, Glenn Marine Defense Asia was a long-standing contractor to the US 7th Fleet providing fueling services for ships and submarines.

      Fourteen other USN officials and contractors have also been indicted, although the Pentagon has yet to release details. It is noteworthy, though, that Gilbeau and Francis allegedly met in Afghanistan---the world's major supplier of opiate drugs. These shipments of narcotics pass through the South China Sea via Singapore en route to the United States. It is also suspicious that Francis was a contractor engaged in refueling logistics, Illegal oil shipments from groups like ISIS pass through the same route, via the Persian Gulf. The same Persian Gulf allegedly defended by the US 7th Fleet.

       This scandal highlights exactly the reason why China needs to be in the Nansha Islands and assume responsibility for the safety and security of the South China Sea; and very probably largely explains Washington's and Tokyo's resistance to Chinese policy. The stated reason for Chinese annexation of these uninhabited shoals was to create an outpost so that legitimate trade could pass freely and safely through the South China Sea. China is in the process of developing a highly sophisticated international trade route, The One Silk Road Project, and securing this waterway is vital to its implementation.

         Since the end of the Vietnam War, the South China Sea has turned into a cesspool of Black Market smuggling operations and Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Filipino pirate fleets. China's objective is to clear out these nests of vipers and guarantee the safety of shipping routes. The Media Cartels instead spin these actions as Chinese Aggression. But the very fact that the Media attacks China and cloaks the serious problem of international smuggling in that area ought to raise some suspicions among inquiring minds about Corporate America's own intentions.

         Of course, we can't expect the Corporate US Media or the highly-censored Japanese media to look into these matters very closely. When one notices ISIS convoys supplied with new Toyota trucks and understands that the Japanese Empire is heavily dependent on oil imports, we can draw our own conclusions. And when we note that opiates are coming from US-occupied Afghanistan at the same time that heroin use in the US is skyrocketing, we can draw our own conclusions from that, too.

         Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the American public will bother to conclude much of anything from it. Criticizing the US military---even for legitimate reasons---is considered on the level of blasphemy in the United States. And the Japanese Empire---which is heavily invested in the US media---foments a lot of anti-China sentiment. In fact, if it hadn't been for Singapore, none of these crimes would have come to public attention in the first place.

          The bright spot in this gloomy situation is that the Chinese government is resisting Western pressure and moving forward with its goals. It's a sad commentary on the state of Western Civilization that Chinese technological advances in terraforming are guaranteeing free trade while the Pentagon is fighting for the narcotics trade, international terrorism, and advancing the Rainbow Agenda.  


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