Saturday, June 11, 2016


   Last night, as we have all heard, pop star Christina Grimmie was gunned by an assassin in Orlando, Florida. Just within the last few hours, details about the assassin are being. Typically, in these cases, the American media sits on such details whenever the killer is  representative of some group in sympathy with the goals and objectives of the Cultural Marxists.

    And it has turned out, it appears, to have been the case once again. The Santa Monica Observer reported that Christina was targeted for her outspoken belief in Christianity. They cite social network feeds, which have since disappeared. The assassin has been identified as some loser named Kevin Loibl, who committed suicide at the scene.

      There is quite an undercurrent of Internet chatter about the possible (i.e. likely) motive in the shooting: the most telling of which is the Corporate Media's silence about it. The American Media, and American culture in general, is not an especially hospitable environment for Christians. It is a fairly safe assumption that if Christina had been a more acceptably politically correct star gunned down by a right-wing extremist, the Media reaction would be much different.

       When we consider that the recent UCLA shooting targeted an activist Christian professor; the San Bernardino attacks were directed at a Christmas Party; the Umpqua shooter in Oregon singled out Christian victims; and the Charleston attack was perpetrated against a Black church---it's difficult not to notice a distinct pattern emerging. FBI statistics show that there are more violent acts committed against churches than against public schools, but the media won't tell us that, either.

         In spite of their phony outpourings of grief, the Cultural Elites are probably not the least bit saddened by Christina's murder, and are busy trying to milk it for the last dollar they can squeeze out of the tragedy. They speak hypocritically of the inexplicable and senseless crime; when in reality, such crimes are completely predictable. When a society funnels enough psych dope and anti-Christian propaganda into people's brains---along with open anti-Christian discrimination and media sensationalism for mass-killers---events like these are bound to happen.

         What we can also predict at this point is these same Elites will spin the story into every stupid distraction imaginable; from the usual pointless gun control debates to the usual kooky conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, these crimes will continue, much to the Elites' covert delight and personal profit. They see in Christina Grimmie's death the fruits of their own labors, and they are quite satisfied with the results.


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