Saturday, June 25, 2016


     While the American media foments hysteria over a referendum in a country in which they don't reside, and Congress engages in a ridiculous sit-in (as though Congressmen sitting around doing nothing is something extraordinary); the Pentagon is suffering yet another humiliation in the Pacific. The Pentagon announced that under pressure from the Japanese Government, all public Independence Day celebrations are forbidden on US military bases under Japanese jurisdiction.

       A shamefaced Pentagon spokesman reported to the press that "no US installations in Japan will celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks displays or concerts to demonstrate respect for Okinawan residents."

       Both the Pentagon and Japanese authorities are struggling to contain an out-of-control crime wave on Okinawa, most of which is traceable to US military personnel,  and exacerbated by the Pentagon's cavalier attitude toward these crimes. An investigative report published by the Japan Times gives us an insight into the Pentagon's attitudes. The text of the Okinawa Cultural Awareness Program---part of the USMC's diversity and sensitivity training seminar program---has these interesting excerpts:

         "We Marines can get carried away with the new-found awe the Okinawans hold us, and tend to go overboard by doing things that are not acceptable to the majority in their society."

          "We Marines see ourselves as good guys, but many Okinawans do not feel safe because of a few past incidents."

            "The Okinawan tends to be more emotional than logical. Self-serving and double-standards characterize their complaints, along with failure to take responsibility and a 'pass-the-buck' attitude. They believe that it pays to complain. Any time offense can be taken it will be used."

            Again, an outstanding specimen of American Leftist projection. Dr. Manubu Sato, of Okinawa International University agrees: "These lectures teach Marines two things: that they are above the law and that they can look down on Okinawans." And Okinawa's governor Takeshi Onaga added: "A prime example of the US military's arrogant attitude towards Okinawans."

              The Japanese Empire earlier this week dispatched special police to Okinawa to patrol the perimeters of the base at night. And though the 4th of July might be cancelled on Okinawa, USA Today is reporting that sources inside the Pentagon believe that the long-standing military ban on transgenders might be lifted this week. "The end of the service ban may come down as early as July 1st, just before the start of the 4th of July holiday!" the paper trumpeted.

             Now the Okinawans can be despised by both perverts and criminal thugs.

             Has Okinawa had enough of American Exceptionalism yet? The latest polls show about 20% of Okinawans favor independence, up from 5% in 2014.




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