Sunday, June 12, 2016


      Last night, a terrorist attack on an Orlando nightclub, which caters to homosexuals, has resulted in 103 casualties, 50 of which were fatal. Santa Monica Police this morning arrested a heavily-armed person of interest outside a so-called 'Pride Rally'. Earlier this week in Orlando, pop-star Christina Grimmie was assassinated in a premeditated attack, the killer evidently targeting her for her Christian beliefs.

      ISIS has claimed responsibility for one of the two Orlando attacks, though we shouldn't rule out their complicity in the other. The FBI has identified the nightclub attacker as Omar Mateen. Mateen, a 29 year-old native-born American, is the son of Afghan immigrants. According to FBI spokesmen, Mateen was on a watch-list though not the target of a specific investigation.

       So what do Mateen and Kevin Loibl, the murderer of Christina Grimmie have in common? Well, they were both about the same age (late 20s), born in the US, and educated in our public schools and grew up the Postmodernist cultural milieu of the late 20th-early 21st centuries. A thread that, incidentally, they have in common with the Ferguson and Baltimore rioters; the Anarchists disrupting our political campaigns, and the vast majority of recent suspects in other high-profile mass murders.

       In other words, they are all products of the cultural shift that occurred in the US beginning in the 1990s. It shouldn't be very difficult to understand that when an entire generation is fed on a steady diet of deconstructing traditional values and identity politics and political correctness underpinned by moral relativism, narcissism, and a might-makes-right philosophical orientation, that violent actions and contempt for the rights of others is going to be the result.

         Instead of this, though, we'll be enduring in the upcoming weeks another narcotic haze of the national dialogue, spun by the same people whose policies and ideologies led to these crimes, on distractions like gun control, immigration, military policy in the Middle East, Islamo/homo phobias, blaming various political leaders. It all makes for good TV ratings, political capital, and media revenue. Never let a good crisis to waste, as the insiders say.

          The truth, of course, will be ignored; the truth being that the Orlando crimes and others like them, are products of America's own toxic culture. It doesn't matter who the Cultural Marxists blame: the reality is that they are to blame---and even more to blame are Americans who abdicated their responsibility of self-government and allowed these Scum to hijack our culture.

           But chances are the American people will react as they always do; drop some more dope and run around outraged until we pass more useless gun laws, or bomb the Middle East, or toughen so-called 'Hate Crimes'---and then passively accept their newly-lost liberty as another New Normal, and maybe even make a fast buck off it. That is, until another Orlando happens, which it inevitably will.



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